Attaching hood at picked up stitches

I have a pull-over with a ribbed neckband (already joined at the shoulders) and a separate hood. Instructions simply say, “attach cast on edge of hood where stitches were picked up for neckband”. Can someone recommend a joining technique? I’ll be stitching purl side to purl side, but not edge to edge as the hood cast on edge will join in the “middle” of a piece (where neckband joins sweater body). Whip stitch doesn’t seem strong enough to take the burden of being pulled over the head repeatedly.


The whip stitch is actually not such a bad idea. If you take small enough sts, it can be quite sturdy.
Alternatively, you can do mattress stitch. like the last example on this link.
Even though you don’t have a cast off edge, this will work with the ridge that usually forms when you pick up sts. Since you may not have an equal number of sts on the hood and the collar, you should pin the hood in place and skip sts where necessary.