Attaching hardware

Hi! I’ve never done this sort of thing before and I hope I’m goin about this the right way. I’m a self-taught left handed knitter. For the most part, I’ve stuck to knitting scarves only for the past 5 years! I have difficulty converting knitting instructions to left hand and most of the instrucional images seem very confusing! I recently taught myself to i-cord, which is so simple I love it! I found a pattern for a knit/i-cord dog leash, (pic attached) but I don’t understand the instructions on how to attach the clip. Can anyone help me understand or point me in the direction of books/websites that I might check out to learn more about attaching hardware to knit projects. Sincerely, jkell27

p.s. these are the instructions to attachthe clip: Attach a snap securely by knitting through the loop on the snap. Cut yarn, thread yarn needle with yarn end and slip the 3 stitches onto yarn needle. Draw up tightly and secure.

These instruction don’t make a lot of sense to me.

What I would do is knit the length of leash that you want plus one inch. bind off the I-Cord and leave a long tail of yarn, 10 to 12 inches. The pass the end of the I-Cord through the loop on the clip. Fold the I-cord so that there is at least 1 inch of the end of the I-Cord folded back against the rest of the leash. Thread the tail of the yarn on to a darning needle and sew the end of the I-Cord to the body of the leash.

In short pass the end of the I-Cord through the clip loop, flod over and sew together.

I hope this makes some sense?

Well, I looked at your picture and I’m not sure what the part about the “snap” is, because I don’t see any snap anywhere. :eyes:

Cut yarn, thread yarn needle with yarn end and slip the 3 stitches onto yarn needle. Draw up tightly and secure.
This just tells you how to finish off the i-cord. But I’ll try to explain a little more (in a second).

Here is what I would do based more on the picture than the directions, although it may be what they mean as well. First I’d finish the i-cord. Cut the yarn, leaving a good tail so you can use it to sew as well, let’s say 9" long at least (longer if your yarn is real thick). Thread that tail onto a blunt, big eyed sewing needle. Hold your knitting needle with the i-cord stitches on it like you would to begin another row of i-cord, but instead of knitting this time run the threaded needle into the first stitch you would knit into in the direction you would to purl, and on through the other 2 stitches. Take out the knitting needle and pull your sewing needle so that the stitches are on just the yarn. Pull on the tail tightly to close the i-cord.

Now to attach the fastener. Lay the bar of loop at the end of the fastener across the i-cord about 1/2"-3/4" from the end of the cord, positioned the way you want it to end up. 1.Thread the sewing needle with another length of yarn, and sew over the bar of the ring 3 or 4 times sewing all the way through the i-cord (for strength). 2. Now fold the i-cord down over the bar and using the tail from making the cord, sew the folded down part to the body of the i-cord. Again I would sew all the way through the cord and I’d sew it all over, up to the bar, turn and in a slanting line to the left edge of the cord then across the edge, then in a slanting line across to the bar at the left and then down that side so it made a square of stitches with an X in the inside. Dogs are strong and I’d want it attached as well as I could. Cut your yarn and work in all tails into the inside of the i-cord. If your dog is well trained and doesn’t pull a lot or is very weak :wink: you could probably skip part 1.

I knit, I admit poorly, right handed but I did a quick web search for Left Handed Knitting Patterns and there seem to be a fair amount of information out there. I am not sure how to judge the quality but there are enough left-handers in the world that there have to be a larger group of lefty knitters.

Start a group, Left handed knitter unite, throw off the shackles of right handed world.