Attaching a lining to a blanket?

I’m actually asking this for a friend, but she’s knitting a baby blanket that she wants to attach a lining to the back of.

Is it easier to do by hand? Or by machine? Either way, how should she do it? Is there a particular technique that keeps the knitting from puckering or stretching?

I’m not much help because the most I’ve ever needed to line is a bag, and I just didn’t bother. :shrug:

Thanks in advance! :notworthy:

I asked about this ages ago and I had posed using a machine but I was warned off that because of puckering. I would wash both the blanket and the material first; carefully pin the corners and then at intervals sew on by hand with small regular stitches. What yarn have you used?

I am sure someone who has used a machine successfully will post but I would definitely wash everything first.

Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile:

I have no idea what type of yarn she used, but I imagine it was probably something machine washable since it’s for a baby. :shrug: I sent her an email asking, though, and when she gets back to me, I’ll report back.

Edit: She just replied to my email. She’s using Caron Simply Soft.

HI… That is 100% acrylic. I have added this url here so you can see a discussion of the issue of backing. It starts a few posts down. The issue is really having a fabric that will stretch, or not stretch, in companion with the knitting. If your friend had some yarn left over she might make something dishcloth size and use that to see how well the fabric goes on it before say doing it on the blanket itself. Your friend may decide in seeing this that it’s just too risky - or, if she feels she does have fabric that matches the stretch aspect of the knitting she might risk it but I would def. do by hand:

If you are going to risk it with a machine, definitely use a zig-zag or stretch stitch. I’d just make sure and practice on a swatch first. Also, you can put a piece of paper over the knitting to help it glide between the feet without snagging. It rips right off when you’re done…although, that said, that works better with a straight stitch. You might have a :hair: moment trying to rip paper away from a zig-zag stitch. :think: Guess I’m just brainstorming, here!

ETA: After more thought, I’d say she’ll be happier with the finished product if she doesn’t add a lining at all. I think the knitting will stretch, and pull away from the lining–there’s just no way for it to lie in the way that two pieces of fabric will. :shrug: