Attaching a Collar

I have a sweater which is knit in a basketweave pattern and the collar was knitted using a k2 p2 ribbing. Now I have to attach the collar to the sweater. the collar also crosses over in the front. The pattern dosen’t say how to attach the collar. Can anyone tell me the best way to attach it.


However you sew it on, make sure the seam in on the outside of the sweater so the collar can fold over it. I’d probably do some kind of mattress stitch on the inside of the neck. Amy has some seaming videos, and has some good pics for seaming different things.

So I would attach it with the wrong side of the work facing me, is that what you are saying?

You want the seam to be under the collar. If you do mattress, then the right side of the collar and the inside of the sweater will face you. If you choose to do a whip stitch seam, or something similar, then the underside of the collar and the right side of the sweater will face you.