Attaching a Collar

I’m working on the Harley cabled pullover and am having a heck of a time trying to get my stiches picked up to knit the body. The pattern calls for knitting the collar first then picking up along the edge and working top down in the round for the rest of the pattern but it’s really not being cooperative, can I just knit the body and work the rest of the pattern and sew the collar on last? Or will this be making more work for myself?

Apparently others have had trouble with the collar too. See if these Ravelry notes help. If not you could let us know where you’re having trouble. It may be possible to join the collar later but it also might be a huge pain.
I’ve used combinations of these ideas when I have problems, especially the last one, picking up whatever sts I can and then adjusting to the correct number on the next row.

Thank you! That first link is going to help a lot with spacing. My collar worked out to 192 rows before I stitched it together (matress stitch) and the pattern says to pick up 132 along the bottom edge but I’m getting stuck on how to do that on a purl facing row, all the YouTube videos I’ve been able to find just talk about/show how to find the ‘bars’ between the ‘v’ but not how to find them when they’re bumps (if that measures any sense at all lol)

There’s a hole under the bump. It’s actually the V on the other side. I pick up in that hole and just continue up the same line of bumps. You might give it a try or test it out on a small swatch. It’ll be worth it not to have to sew on the collar later although, as I said, that should work too.