Atlas Shrug Pattern HELP!

ok im a new knitter ive only knit 10 projects so if im missing something obvious im sorry but im an idiot i guess!?! Anyways im casting on the right amount of stitches but i keep running out at the end? with the slip purlwise and the yarn over am i supposed to use that slipped stitch as the yarn over? becuase i havent been. im so confused. a short youtube clip would be awesome but i can find any!!

I’m not sure which pattern it is. Can you provide a link please? Also please tell us how many you’re casting on type out a row or two of the pattern section that you’re having problems with. Don’t post the entire pattern. All this helps us help you better because there are just too many patterns for us to keep track.

And you’re not an idiot. We all had to learn some time. :thumbsup:

ok in segment one i did the first setup row im knit and purl. the second row in segment one there is purl, slip one purlwise wyib, yo 3 times. knit 11 purl, slip one purl wise wyib, yo 3 times. i cant even reach the end of this row because i run out of stitches…

It would be helpful if you posted a specific line of your directions with which you are having trouble.

But, no the slipped st is its own thing and the YO is its own thing. You should slip one st from the left needle to the right, then do a YO creating a new/second st. Then work the next st on the left needle as directed. YOs are increases, so unless they are paired with a decrease you should be ending with more sts not fewer at the end of the row.

2nd row: purl, slip one purlwise wyib, yo 3 times. knit 11. purl, slip one purl wise wyib, yo 3 times.
Based on what you have written, you should be starting this row with 23 sts and ending with 29 as you increase 6sts from the YOs.

but if you follow that pattern you need 29 stitches to even do it. you end with 29 but you need to start with 29 in the first place to do that pattern. thats what i dont get and i end up needing 6 more stitches to complete the pattern in that row

Make sure that you’re doing the yo correctly. It won’t use a stitch (you can check the Glossary for yo video).
Row 1 (WS – Set-up Row): K1, [p1, k1] 3 times.
Row 2: [P1, yb, slip 1 purlwise wyib, yo] 3 times, p1.
Row 3: K1, [p2tog, k1] 3 times.
Repeat Rows 2 and 3 for Lacy Rib.

The Lacy Rib uses 2sts each repeat for 3 times and ends with p1. That’s the 7sts they tell you about. Between the two Lacy Rib panels is 11(13) sts. So 7+11+7=25 for the small size and 7+13+7=27 for the larger size. You should come out ok as long as you don’t use a st doing the yo.

ok here is where i was going wrong. i thought a yarn over was putting the yarn over and knitting one. i guess the video i watched on youtube didnt explain that once you wrapped the yarn that was a yarn over. thanks!!!

The YOs don’t include knitting a stitch, so you just wrap the yarn, p1 sl 1 and wrap the yarn again and repeat the p1, sl 1 and so on.