Atlanta Knitters Unite!

All right, enough already of all of the fun knit togethers in IL, FL, etc. It’s time we have our own Atlanta style fun! :happydance:

I’m thinking that I can call The Purly Gates in Marietta and see if they would be willing to host us sometime in the next few weeks. I’m thinking a Tuesday evening might work since their regular knit night is Thursday and it looks like they have classes on Saturday. Of course, if there is just a few of us, we could always join the Thursday knitters.

If we decide to have future meetings, we can set it up with a “Knitter of the Month” format. One person each month would volunteer to set the date, time, and location (LYS, coffee shop, restaurant, book store, etc). This way we could visit other areas of the city and if say, Tuesday night didn’t work for a person, they would be able to choose another night or even a day.

I’ll call Purly Gates tomorrow if there is interest. Anyone game?

I think it’s a great idea! There are also several SNB groups that meet throughout the week & 2 new shops that have knit nights as well. Why Knot Knit in Buckhead has a knit night and so does a new spot that I have yet to check out in VA HI. I think it’s called Knitch.
I believe that Cristy has also organized a southside knitting group- although I dont know when/where they meet. Hopefully, she’ll chime in :smiley: