At What Point...


Hi, I new to knitting too don’t give up I pulled my knitting out 10 times same as you dropped stitches however I kept going I now have completed my knitting and feel proud of myself for achieving this so come on you can do it.



Hey gang!

I’m still going but I have found yet another pattern that I started instead! :joy:

I have to keep reminding myself of all the great things I have learnt in doing all of this. I have taken to saying the stitches out loud; it’s the only way I don’t make mistakes (touch wood). I also group the stitches into actions. This current pattern:

(1K K2tog) place marker (K5 LLinc K1 LRinc) place marker (K5 SSK) place marker. I can keep track easily like this.


Hello my lovely? How are tou getting on?

I must admit I was quite envious to read of your hot weather! Here in London we’ve just had a very cold snap with snow. I adore the heat!


Thank you Knitvana for your tip on restoring the yarn. I am so happy for you being able to knit again. I will not complain again when I get frustrated. I did finally finish the cowl for my sister after many, many pull outs. It was the Copenhagen Tilting Blocks Crochet Cowl. I finally found a YouTube Video that help greatly step by step with very clear instructions. I really appreciate the young lady for her help. And Thank you for your encourangement.


Well done! I’d love to see it. :blush: