At the same time

Hi All

I am currently knitting a cardigan and on shaping have been instructed -
[COLOR=“Navy”]At the same time starting on row 7 of armhole decreases work 2 sts as set, K2tog. join a second ball of yarn, cast off next 17 sts, Ktog, work 2 sts as set. Working both sides at the same time, work rem armhole decs simultaneously. Cast off last sts.[/COLOR][/I][/I]

FYR I have 21 sts on the needle, currently. (with 35 sts at row 7)

I am completely confused on how I do this! Please help…this is a beginners pattern…yek!


It sounds like you’re binding off the 17sts for the center of the neck on the back. When you get to row 7, decrease for the armhole, work 2sts in pattern, knit the next 2sts together, and then drop the working yarn. Start a new ball of yarn (or use the other end from the same ball) and bind off the next 17sts. With the same yarn, k2tog, work 2sts and then the armhole decrease at the other edge. You’ll be continuing with the 2 shoulders and a separate ball of yarn for each.

Hi Salmonmac

Ok I think I have it! The mistake I made was I continued knitting shaping the armhole decreases, then was confused how I got back to row 7!

So if undo back to row 7 and do as you have instructed and at the same time decrease…I should be OK!

I will let you know how I get on…

Thank you very much for your reply and help.

Best regards