At the dentist, got a convert

As always I have my knitting. An idle mind is a terrible thing, especially when I forgot to take my Xanax until right before leaving.
It was just a cleaning but you never know when you’ll get left alone.

First off the receptionist compliments me on my sweater, top down turtleneck. She’s new and shouldn’t have had any idea I knit it.

There was a talkative guy in the waiting room waiting for his wife so I didn’t knit because I figured I’d either scare him or he’d want to talk about it and it would be rude to say I’m knitting to avoid strangers talking to me. So I sat with my eyes closed meditating, hoping to get called in or for the Xanax to kick in.

I get called back and sure enough the hygienist gets called away. I start knitting and she goes nuts for it. She watches Knit and Crochet Today, that’s what got me started knitting.
I tell her I learned on the internet at Kitting Help .com, there’s videos and a forum, they’re very helpful and you can definitely learn there.

So Jenn, if you’re here, :waving:

Good for you! My dentist hands me my knitting bag between procedures. :teehee:


I won’t turn loose of mine. When I have it my bottle of Xanax is in it and having it near is good enough sometimes.

Plus if I had a chance to start knitting I stay wrapped up and ready to go, or if it’s crochet I don’t have to look if I go slow.

Well done! I take my knitting to my doctor’s visits with me because you know you’ll be kept waiting a while, and it’s always a good conversation starter. I’m always careful to take something with a simple enough pattern where I don’t have to worry about what I am doing.

Awesome!! I take my knitting with me everywhere too!

I take mine with me as well. I was standing in line at the clinic waiting for my son to get his H1N1 mist and had my bag hanging on my arm and knitting a hat. I got looks but no one said anything.

I live far away from any city so when we go anywhere and my husband is driving, i knit lol. well untill i start to get car sick and then i put it down till im fine and then i knit again… :roflhard:

That’s awesome, Mike.

I always have at least 1 project with me at all times. Plus, 1 in my car, just in case. Whenever someone starts asking me about knitting, I always refer them here. I also tell them I can teach them to knit in 5-10 minutes. We need to keep spreading the knitting love around. :heart: :knitting:

I waited in the dentist’s office while they worked on my hubby. The receptionist wanted to see what I was making and even commented on my KnitPick Harmonies. The girls in the office had started a knitting circle and taught the non-knitters. I always take my knitting to my GP appointments and my doc always has a nice comment for my knitting.

LOL!-“a convert”.

For some reason I picture you stroking a Persian cat and doing the “James Bond villain” laugh.

"Soon dey vill all be underr my control."
The obscure European accent is an absolute must have.

Great idea! I may have to give that a try. I have dentist-phobia though, so either it would calm me down, or my knitting would be so tight that I could saw through logs with it. :teehee:

I barely have time to do anything at the dentist. They always take me right away and then I only have sit for a couple minutes before the dentist comes in! I go 4 times a year so I’m glad I can get in and out. I have taken my knitting to the doctors office though. :thumbsup:

It’s not the amount you can get done, it’s that you have something to do, and in my case the little voice in my head isn’t free to create trouble.

I also found trying to work without looking really keeps me focused not on what they’re doing. Of course I wouldn’t do that while they’re grinding away, but maybe I could, I’m probably shaking worse than any knitting would cause.