At my wits end!

You poor thing. Your story sounds similar to mine. I had crocheted for years and wanted to knit so badly I could taste it. While I was learning it wasn’t a pretty site. I, too, concentrated so hard my entire body was tense, including my jaw. It was crazy! But I guess I was determined to get it b/c I kept giving up, cooling off and coming back to it. I finally got knitting and purling where it was comfortable, but I swear to you I did nothing but garter stitch scarves and dishcloths for a YEAR! LOL And it took me forEVER to learn to “read” my stitches. When I figured that out, it was like a lightbulb went on. Eventually, I started trying patterns and would learn something from just about every one - still do! After almost 4 years, I knit way more than I crochet and love it!

I was just feeling these same frustrations a couple of days ago. I have a ton of boucle and cotton yarn. I dislike it so much. I am trying to destash and I have been working on some baby stuff with Bernat baby coordinates. I am so fed up that when I finish this hat, I going to donate the rest to Good Will. Maybe you should try a different pattern and yarn. I have a hard time with ribbing. I always seem to mess it up. I’ve looked at ribbed scarves, but I know i will only get frustrated. I will only rib if it’s at the beginning of a hat about 1". And usually I rip it a couple of times.

After I finish my baby stuff (for an expecting mom), I’m going to practice different patterns, by making squares and then maybe I will make them all into a blanket. I believe then I will feel much better about my skills. I’m not giving up. I love knitting. I love seeing the end result. I love it when I give a knitted item to someone and they tell me how much they love it. All this makes the frustration and tears worth while.

I have the options and the harmonies and I love them. I sometimes don’t feel so much love for the harmonies, I just prefer the metal. I find that when I try to use straights, I end up putting my project on the circs and using them to knit flat.

I hope you will keep trying, if that’s what you want to do. I will be here in my knitting world trying too. We can make this journey together. We are not the 1st to go on a rant and we won’t be the last. Good Luck!!!

I would also like to thank all the rest of the knitters that replied to Craw’s rant. it helped me, too. That’s why I keep coming back to KH, if I’m feeling it, someone else is and i learn form thier posts.

I also feel your pain. I have been a knitter on and off for nearly 30 years. I still am not what I would feel much beyond advanced beginner. I don’t seem to have the patience for harder patterns or SOCKS or picky yarns! I stick with smooth yarns, scarves, dishclothes, easy baby/childrens patterns, because they are quicker. A good book for someone who wants to just practice the knit stitch and not get bored, is Sally Melville’s Book 1:The Knit Stitch. She also has one out with the Purl stitch. Tons of nice patterns and just reading her text is very encouraging and inspiring.

(((Craw))) I feel for you! My DH laughs at how many times I frog a project…and sometimes I just don’t, if it’s not “too” bad a mistake lol! But I do love it and keep chugging along! Don’t know what part of RI you are in, but there are alot of LYS’s in the area. Someone there might be able to help! Are you on Ravelry? Check out some of the local groups - they have knitting nights at different locations (I did that a couple of years ago - they really helped me along when I got stuck - unfortunately, none in my general area now). If you are anywhere near Putnam, CT, the ladies at Woolworks are very friendly and helpful! If you enjoy it, keep at it…it will all come together!

Margaret, where are all the LYSs? I don’t know of even one. There used to be a couple by me in Warwick but they’ve closed down. I think there’s one in Providence and one in Pawtucket but I’m not in those areas too often. I am on Ravelry. I will check and see if there’s anything in my area. I didn’t think of that! Getting together with people who know what they’re doing is sure to help. Nobody in my family knits so I’ve been relying totally on the videos.

knitfan, thanks so much for the book recommendations! I’ve requested them from my local library. My branch didn’t have them but they will send them from another branch. Can’t wait!

Back to the drawing board. OTN: This scarf. On straights of course. :slight_smile: The circulars can wait, they’re not going anywhere. I’ve done this pattern before with good results. I’m using variegated yarn so my mistakes won’t show up as much, lol. Thanks to everyone for your kind words. :muah: I just knew others had been through this. I guess I thought I was progressing too slowly. I see the fabulous things people knit here and some beginners can pick up the needles and poof out comes a scarf and hat set in a couple of days. I probably shouldn’t compare my progress to others. I’m going to have to work at my own pace or this won’t be fun like it’s supposed to. :knitting:

I agree with everyone . I have been knitting for about 6 years now but i was taught when i was a young girl .
I did so many things and frogged them but the worst was that everything i made for about 2 years was wrong but i did not detect it . I thought that the knit stitch was actually a purl and the purl stitch was knit . That was how i was taught by this greek lady when i was about 7. LOL
Well ! when i was looking on Youtube one day at a lady talking about the Knit stitch , i realised that i was doing it all wrong .

Keep at it and it may fall into place when you least expect it . And you do not want to then that is fine also :slight_smile:

LOL, Rita!!!

I probably shouldn’t compare my progress to others.

Very wise, indeed. Just as in knitting, everyone has their own journey and their own things to learn, things no one else can learn but themselves. So in knitting, so in life. :wink:

Craw - check out the Ocean Staters group on Ravelry they post SnB’s there - one in Cranston at Panera - and also some LYS’s. I’m closer to CT/MA, so most of them don’t work for me, but I bet one would work for you if you are in the Warwick area! Good luck and feel free to PM me if you have any questions…not too advanced but maybe could help you find some places!

ITA that you shouldn’t compare your own knitting progress to someone else’s. Particularly not that speed knitter lady on the Knit Pick’s site - I swear that woman is bionic or something. Either that or she was knitting in the womb. I have no idea how she does it! Here I’ve been fighting with the dang purl stitch again and my hand hurts and there she just goes on and on…

I’m glad you’re feeling better about this, Craw. And thanks for the link to that scarf. Have you ever tried her condo stitch method?

It looks like a great idea, but I don’t have size 35 needles. I’m wondering whether a size 10 and size 17 would get a similar result?

Yep. The original condo patterns were a size 8 and 13 or 15. Those were for sweaters, but for a scarf you can go up a couple sizes.

Here’s another wild scarf idea at the bottom of the page - - the The Magical Pull-It Surprise scarf.

LOL Sue! I knew it had to be a dropped stitch scarf, but the idea of giving it to someone un-dropped as a gift and then letting THEM pull it is priceless! :lol:

Yeah, going from 30-90". What a surprise!

Don’t worry it gets better! I think the biggest problem I had learning to knit (I’ve just started two months ago) was my hands/fingers cramping up. Which of course caused me to really screw up my stitches. As my hands got used to the motion I stopped making tons of mistakes in the stitches.


Flex your fingers and hands often when you’re knitting.

Muttering unpleasant words relieves stress. As my husband says “It’s not knitting till you’re swearing!”

Small projects are good. Once you finish something you get that fun rush that keeps you going.

If a project is too frustrating or you realize you’re a bit in over your head put it aside and start something easier. I hated not finishing a project till I realized it’s not going anywhere and the end result will be better if I leave it for a later time.

Eventually you’ll find things start clicking and you suddenly can’t sit for 5 minutes without picking up your knitting. :slight_smile:

Has anyone knitted the Magical Pull-It Suprise Scarf? I have just printed it off. Looks interesting! Duh… of course people have knitted it, I should have read to the end of page 4. Got so excited about the scarf I forgot to keep reading.