At last, i finished that

at last, i finished that !!!

It’s so pretty! You did a great job!

Ooh, it is so pretty! Very summery, wonderful job :happydance:

Very nice job, looks good on you too!

Beautiful, beautiful work! It looks lovely on you.

You did an incredible job!

[SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman]Wow, that is a lot of knitting with a lovely outcome. Congratulations. :yay:[/FONT][/SIZE]

:passedout: A year! Just beautiful:star: :cheering:

Very nice work!

It is beautiful! Just beautiful! Quite an accomplishment, it is so complex.

Wow! That is lovely.

Beautiful work.

hi where can i buy the pattern ? i would like to knit one but alittle of my own design on it …it look great on you !!:inlove:

You did a wonderful job on it.Looks perfect and very beautiful. I’d be proud too.:woohoo:

:woot: You did a GLORIOUS job on the sweater. What an undertaking! If I were you, I would wear it every single day, it looks that comfortable and scrumptios.

I’m so happy for you. Question: Did you ever feel like you’d never finish it? That is a lot of intricate work. Way to stick with it and produce a beautiful sweater!

beautiful just beautiful
i wish i could knit ,like that
i think i saw this sweater before
but i dont where
lovely anyway

Breathtakingly beautiful!


That is gorgeous!!! I admire your persistence -a year to finish!! It was worth it, you do beautiful work. And even better, the fit looks to be PERFECT!!

:woohoo:great job!!

Exquisite. I’d love to know where the patern is.

so pretty! I left you a couple kudos on your myspace account. :slight_smile: