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The magic scarf…

this seems like a great solution for the scarf i just can’t seem to get excited about knitting but promised that i would. However, as basic as the instructions seem, i just don’t get it.

i understand that you are suppose to cast on an odd number of stitches and then knit for about a third of the length you want the scarf to be. It then says to bind off dropping every other stitch [color=darkred](i don’t understand which stitch i do that with)[/color] and then pull both ends [color=darkred](just pull them apart?..grab both ends and yank? {in the most gentle of manners of course})[/color]

has anybody done this? seriously i am just so bored with scarves and this seems like a great and fun way of doing this thing. and the lady i saw doing one says that it makes a wonderful (diaphanous was her word) piece of work. Can ya help me out?

Thanks!! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

I found this–it seems to have a little more detail.

And this one has pictures!

okay that’s a little scary but mebbe i can figger it out! Thank you so much

okay i finally got the yarn that i need to finish this scarf but something dawned on me as i have the pictures of the finished product in my head. (from the second link there) if i am weaving in the ends for the joined yarn, isn’t that going to screw up the look of the finished product or is there a way to do it so the ends weaved in won’t be obvious?

okay sorry to bump this again but i am at a loss now. i don’t get the bind off at all. it may be because i don’t know how to crochet at all so i don’t know how to do the part the crochet chain stitch. and i think the part that is really getting me is leaving that dropped stitch hanging there. i know it is the point but i don’t want to do anything to it that is going to prematurely pull the whole thing out. i am fretting a little bit ya know! :rollseyes:

okay never mind, i figgered out, after i stopped panicking that they were just chaining that first stitch (at least that is what i hope!) I have it bound off and have pulled a little bit and like the way it looks but i am still a little concerned about the woven ends in the middle. hopefully they will be okay cuz otherwise the whole thing may be a waste! now it waits until monday when i take it to work and have the girl who the scarf is knitted for help me pull the rest of it out. crossing fingers until then!

off to cast on my rug! :smiley: