Asymmetrical vest in Sally Melville's book

If I’ve learned nothing from this website it’s the mantra “Trust the Pattern…Trust the Pattern” . But I’m having trouble following the mid part on the Asymmetrical Vest in Sally Melville’s book the Knitting Experience. I’m on page 71 bottom right hand side directions. Throughout the instructions you’re advised if you’ve increased the length, which I have, your number will be different. I’ve had no problem until I reach the increase row for the back armhole. You increase until you have 33 st(represents the xxl size) then add my 3 because I’ve increased the length which now makes 36 st. Now it says to cast on 16 st and pattern says you should now have 49. I’ve even drug out the calculator to check my math but I get 52.

Am I just overthinking this??? I’ve only started this vest over about 9 or 10 times. ARRRRRGGGG Help :??

They probably just didn’t take into account the extra 3 stitches you added. It happens.