Asymmetrical raglan sleeves?

Hi! I swear, sleeves are my nemesis!!!

I’m trying another pattern, a hooded cardigan (here) that is another lana grossa model of the month ( I can’t help it, they’re so pretty!).

This time I got smart…I decided to read the sleeve pattern first, before I start knitting. It looks like the raglan sleeves are asymmetrical, which sounds funny to me.

Does this make sense?



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It does appear that the sleeves are asymmetrical once you reach the raglan portion. This make sense since the back of the sweater fits you differently than the front of the sweater. This shaping is more in keeping with classic tailoring than with your standard knitting pattern.

I highly recommend you invest in a little graph paper and map out the pattern, row by row. I think this is much easier than trying to follow directions written in this way, especially when the decreases vary from side to side. It’s even harder once you have to reverse the shaping.

I don’t think they’re asymmetrical, since you work the right sleeve the same as the left, only as a reversed image. I think the wording can be confusing “Work right sleeve in reverse”, but they mean as a mirror image.

Oh, sorry. I wasn’t clear. I understand that each sleeve is the mirror image of the other, but it seems that the left and right side of each sleeve is different.

How do you read it?


Yes, like I said the back and front of tailored sewn garments are often cut differently. This knit pattern reflects that style of fit. :thumbsup:

Ohhh… I see what you mean. I just misunderstood your question. :oops: