Assistance with understanding pattern, please?

I am hoping someone can help me with a direction in a pattern that I am not familiar with. Usually a pattern will state that with a certain size needles, cast on a number of stitches and work ribbing… then will usually say to change to larger needles and work st st, etc.

This particular pattern, which is from Schachenmayr, says 2.75-3.75mm needles , gives the number of stitches to cast on depending on the size sweater you want to make (in this case 3-6 months, or 6-12 months size), and says to cast on 65(75) st and work so many rows in welt pattern, then stockinette st for x number of rows.

Where I am confused is not knowing if it means that for the smaller size I use the smaller needles and cast on the lower first number of stitches but keep working with that size needles throughout, , and for the larger size use the larger needles and cast on the number that is in brackets? Nowhere does it tell me to change to the larger needles for the main body of the sweater, so leaves me to assume I should keep using the 2.75 throughout? Because the pattern has the two needle sizes (although they are separated by a dash, rather than the word ‘and’ , I bought both thinking that I would be changing to the larger ones for the body. The rest of the pattern looks simple enough, but this beginning has me stumped as to what I am supposed to do. Can someone help?

I’d think it means that you should stay with one size of needle to make the gauge for the specific size; so yes, if you’re making for the 3-6 months, you’re sticking with the 2.75 needles throughout…that’s my guess, anyway!

I think it is giving you a range of needle sizes to get gauge or the drape of fabric required (the dash replaces the word ‘to’ rather than ‘and’). use the needle size that you get gauge with and use those throughout.
The small sweater size will be the numbers given first and the larger sweater size will be the numbers given in brackets. Where there is only one number (none in brackets) then that number can be used for both sizes.

Thanks so much both of you for your very quick responses.
The gauge listed is 24 st and 36 rows to 10cm (4"). I would have thought that the larger needles would give less stitches and rows? Would that not be so?

Every knitter’s gauge will be different – I am an extremely loose knitter (and seemingly getting looser with every project) and am having to go down a full size needle to get gauge. Do your swatches and figure out what gives you gauge, and go with that, no matter what needles are called for – otherwise the size will be off.

Which would be why I’m totally tearing apart a project and knitting it in two different sizes, neither of which is the size I originally intended to knit. My gauge is off, and I don’t want to make gauge with this wool, (it would make the fabric too porous) so I’m changing sizes. There’s no tag in it, so the only person who’ll know is me.

Now if I can just figure out this counting thing… so I can get the stitch count right to start with.

Thankyou all so much again. I will do up the swatches and see what I get. I just have never come across this before, having knit a lot in the past this one is new to me. I’m glad I found this site… in just looking around it appears to be a first rate site. I’ll be hanging around for sure! :slight_smile:

Oooh, Trish, don’t I hear that. I think I’ve frogged so many times on Louisa that it’s amazing she doesn’t have warts. Well, that’s toads, but you know what I mean.

I worked on a tension swatch last night using the smaller needles, and it was clear there were way more than the 24 st per 4". I didnt quite get the rows before giving up after accidently dropping a stitch, with decided to take itself down a couple of rows. Not a good idea to knit with a raging headache and when overtired!

So this morning I changed to the larger needles and started another swatch, and this one is showing me about 30 st over 4", and the weave is looser than I like…not that I’m knitting loose, just the fabric is more open with the larger needles.
When I bought the yarn, they didnt have the actual one used in the pattern, which is Bravo Baby, but the sales lady pointed me to ‘any of these sock yarns’ as a substitute and I chose the Lanett. I looked at the gauge on the actual ball wrapper, and it says 31 st over 4" on 2 1/2.
So now I don’t know which way I should go. If I move up a size needle to get down to the 24 st, the weave will be even more open. I trust I am not knitting too loosely or too tightly, and I have never before had a problem with items coming out the wrong size due to my tension. I have no idea if the yarn gauge given on the wrapper would actually work out the same as the one for the pattern. I have no idea how to calculate this. I’m about to give up on this yarn.

It’s pretty tough to make a thinner yarn substitute for a thicker one. You might want to take the yarn back to your LYS and ask for one that actually will make the gauge!

Absolutely, GT, I’m going to take it back. I have just been comparing the two yarns online, and they dont seem to be close enough at all to be able to subsitute. I chose the Sandnes Linett because it had all the colours that matched the sweater closest out of all the ones she directed me to. Well, that and the fact that the price per 50gm ball didn’t cause me to choke. :wink:

Just a quick update. I took the yarn back to the store and the lady today told me I had been sold the wrong yarn and was given a correct replacement.

Yay! You’ll probably have a much better time of it now. :slight_smile: