Assistance with a pattern please

Hello my first post!
I am currently trying to knit sleeves on hayfield 5178 baby blossom chunky.
I have followed what I thought were the correct instructions but my length is well over ! I am already 21cm I’m length and I have another 5 rows to knit could somebody please explain the instruction for sleeve on first size please. Thank you

Welcome to the forum!

After the decreases at the end of the ribbing and the change to larger needles, inc at each end of row 3 and then row 9. This will inc from 20 to 24 sts. Then inc at each end of row 17 which will make 26sts.

If that isn’t the problem just come back and ask.

Thank you so much. That’s makes sense I was inc only at end of row not each end .
What a brilliant community this is !

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