Assembly instructions - help requested

Here are the instructions and the ones in bold are a bit beyond me.

With yarn threaded on a tapestry needle, sew front and back tog at side seams and sew sleeve seams. Turn facings at hem and cuffs to WS along picot row and sew into place. Sew right shoulder seam. On left shoulder, beg at top of armhole, sew shoulder seam for 1 1/4" only, leaving rem of seam open to neck. Turn neck to facing to WS along picot edge and sew into place. Sew in sleeves.

There are actually more instructions regarding the crocheting of a neck closure but I need to start with simple assembly. It just seems basic to me to sew the parts together but I have never been a seamstress (read: I’ve never made clothes from cloth) so I don’t understand “facings” or what differentiates hems and cuffs.


I’ve never actually assembled anything knitted that was that complicated, so hopefully you’ll get a better answer than mine… but I have sewn lots of clothes, so that’s why I’m answering. :slight_smile:

First- the difference between cuff and hem- a cuff is at the end of a sleeve or pants leg. A hem is at the bottom of a garment such as a shirt or skirt. Make sense? It sounds like you are turning the end of the fabric, both at bottom and end of sleeve, to the inside and stitching it down to make a finished hem (or cuff). You can probably look at the inside of any of your fabric clothing to see how that’s done.


Thanks, Abbily! I guess why I’m confused is that if I have just sewn the sides together, I don’t know what the facings are that require different directions. It just seems that I would put the whole piece together from bottom to top.

it sounds like you knit a special picot hem. where you have your regular body pattern (A), (stockinette or something) then the picot rows (b)(lots of increasing and decreasing) then a couple more rows of body (a)(stockinette or whatever with your bind off.)

To make the picot edging show, you are sewing the last few rows of body stitch under wrong sides together, to make a hem where the picot part shows.

so you start out with

then you fold up the (a) to match with the (A), leaving the (b) as the bottom.

you use an appropriate invisible stitch to sew (a) to (A).

clear as mud?

this DIY site has some insturctions and a video of a generic picot hem:,2025,DIY_14141_3613634,00.html

Wow, Marykz - yes, muddy is right! It is the Gatsby Girl pullover from Interweave Fall '96 - unfortunately, the pics only show the top:

see at the neck how you have the little points? that’s a picot edge. I bet the bottom is supposed to look the same.

I’m trying to think how to compare it- if you look at the hem of your tshirt, the bottom edge of the t shirt isn’t the end of the fabric- the fabric was folded and sewed to give a nice clean flat edge. you are doing the same, except you get a pretty lacy edge…