Assembling a sweater

I am knitting my first sweater. Does anyone know of an on-line tutorial for setting in the sleeves? In sewing, the sleeve seam would be swen first, then the sleeve sewn to the main garment. From the scant finishing instructions I have (it doesn’t even mention setting in the sleeves!), the last instruction is to sew the side and sleeve seams–after setting in the sleeve? I plan to use mattress stitch to assemble the sweater–am I right here?

Last time I did this, I found that it helped if I sewed the shoulder seams first, then laid out the whole sweater so that the neck hole is in the middle and the rest of the sweater is laid out flat. Then I matched up the sleeves to see if they matched evenly. Since they did, I went ahead and did that seam, then the sleeve seam, then the side seam. I’m not sure if it’s exactly the “proper” way, but it worked in my situation.

I have the same problem callmesusan, i’m knitting my first sweater and thanks kemp for tips i will try and hope it will work.

thank you kemp. I will do it that way. Also, I am thinking I will start and the shoulder seam and work down, shoulder seam down the other side.