Aspyn beanie pattern questions

Hi. I am on the start of round 8 of a decrease round for the crown and I was wondering if the purl sts in this round is suppose to match the purl sts from the previous rounds after decreasing until 96 sts(24 sts on each 4 dpns)?

The link is here for the pattern.

This is what it says in round 8:
K2tog,ssk,p1,ssk,ssk,k2,k2tog,k2tog,p1 repeat until end.

Before the decrease rounds it was 1/1 rc,1/1lc,p1,k14,p1,to end.

It had 120 sts on the circular needles before using the 4 dpns

Then after that round it was a decrease round reducing the sts down until 96 using 4 dpns.
After this round 8 (which I need help with now),it gets reduced to 60 sts on 4 dpns.

What do you think I should do?:thinking:

I can see that this round works for 120sts if you repeat everything given for the row (20sts x 6)
Before the decrease rounds it was (1/1 rc,1/1lc,p1,k14,p1),to end.

I don’t understand the number of sts or the repeat for round 8
K2tog,ssk,p1,ssk,ssk,k2,k2tog,k2tog,p1 repeat until end.
Can you check what you have posted for round 8? Are there parentheses or brackets for the row? It only requires 16sts and that isn’t a multiple of 120.

Hi Salmonmac.The Decrease Round 8 says this: [k2tog,ssk,p1,ssk,ssk,k2,k2tog,k2tog,p1] to end.60 sts

Also,Decrease Round 6 says this:[k4,p1,(ssk,k1)2x,k3,k2tog,k1,k2tog,p1] to end.96 sts.

OK, that makes sense. The purl sts still match up.
Round 6 effectively leaves you with k4 p1 (k1, k1) x2 k3 k1 k1 k1 p1. Is that how your round 6 looks?
Round 8 works so that the p1 sts remain.

Hi Salmonmac.:grinning:Thanks for the amazing help.:slightly_smiling_face: Your absolutely right that is how my round 6 looks like.:smile: