Asked to write an article on knitting - what should I say?

I have been asked to write an article on the subject of knitting for an Urban Sustainable Living group. But what should I say? I am not sure how to approach the subject. What do you feel is relevant?

I don’t think they are looking for a “how to knit”, but more of a “what knitting means in my life” kind of thing.

PS: I have told the members of that group/forum about this one! More new members for here! YEAY!! :woot:

Dodge Colt History

Maybe you could talk about how diverse it is and all the groups, and social events surrounding knitting. Something like “Who’s Knitting?” Not just little old blue haired ladies. . . like the roller derby girls, and Knitta that tag with knitting, and men, and celebs and so on.

i would start out with a brief bit about HOW knitting came to be and what it has done for different cultures. I wrote a paper similar to this for my Sociology class o nteh impact of VolkWagen in Germany and what it did for the econmomy expecially after WWII

I’ve always found it fascinating that boys used to be taught how to knit in school and now you see more women/girls knitting then men/boys. The whole culture of knitting is very interesting.

Good luck on your article… happy writing.

Hi, MoniDew! :waving:

It’s wonderful that you’re going to be the spokesperson for knitting with your article! I’m sure you’ll do us all proud! :yay:

I’d suggest that you focus on the benefits of the knitters’ art - comfort, beauty and warmth. Maybe how putting on a sweater (or socks, etc.) that someone has hand knit for you is like wearing a hug as much as wearing the garment!

I don’t think there can be such a thing as too much comfort in the world and knitters, in their loving generosity, have provided so much comfort over centuries. Maybe by celebrating that, more will reach to discover the incredible art of knitting.

But whatever you write, please let us know when and where it’s published so we can celebrate with you! :clink:

Happy knitting! (and writing!)


I’d work in how knitting has been enjoying something of a renaissance over the past several years as people discover how much satisfaction it brings to create something unique with your own two hands, and the community spirit of knitters and other crafts folk.

If it were me writing the article, I’d talk about the friendships that have opened up through knitting. When you knit in public, you inevitably get comments from others. This has, for me, created opportunities for new friendships. For shy people, this can be a nice ice-breaker.

Good luck with the article! Have fun with it and don’t stress! You’re talking about something you love.


Mention how only very cool people knit.