As long as we're confessing,

I have something to get off my chest…I took this class at my LYS to learn two at a time socks on two circs. Between the two pair of addis, the yarn and the lesson, it was $100!!! I thought, it’s ok, I’m gonna like this and I can use the needles again, blah, blah, blah. So I knit the ankle and the heel (a short row heel and I don’t like the look) and now I’m onto the foot and I HATE IT!!! I put the two socks on dpn’s and I’m so much happier. But, $100!!! My husband was so great about it, so supportive, but I feel bad! It’s so much money and we are tight now that groceries are, like, a million dollars a week. I don’t know what it is about the circs and the two balls of yarn, it just felt so cumbersome to me.

Whew, that feels good. The socks are going to be great, I love the yarn (interlacements tiny toes) and I will probably laugh every time I wear them, my hundred dollar socks!!! :roflhard:

When stuff like that feels overwhelming to me, I just justify it as entertainment. I don’t go out to the movies, barely ever out to the theatre, and make most of my meals at home. Yarn and knitting expenses equal what some spend in entertainment…

That way I don’t feel so bad…smiles

LOL I understand.

Oh bummer. At least you tried it- you might have loved it but now you know you don’t.

$100 seems a lot- but it’s $ well spent when you’re learning and growing in your skills. It’s not like you just spent it on meaningless stuff- it’s OK!

And you should feel VERY fancy-pants when you wear those socks. :teehee:

If you don’t think you will use them again you might could sell or trade the addis and recoup some of the many to spend on more yarn. Just another thought maybe one sock on two circs would work for you.

Thanks everyone! I don’t know what I will do with the addis. They are a size three and I have some other yarn to make socks out of that needs that size so maybe I will try it one more time with my own pattern and a yarn I am more familiar with. I hate to give up so easily. I’m just relieved to be back on my dpn’s, I didn’t realize I was so stuck in my ways!!!

Well, the $100 expense aside, there’s nothing inherently wrong with liking to use dpns. There’s little or nothing, sock-wise, that you can do on circs that can’t also be done on dpns. You can do toe-up or cuff down, you can even knit two socks at one time. That just requires 2 sets of dpns and 2 balls/cakes of yarn.

I love my dpns so far. I’m relatively new to knitting (about a year) and new to socks, as well (less than 6 months). I’ve only done cuff down so far. And I haven’t tried sock on circs at all yet, don’t know whether I will. I tried to magic loop a hat a while ago and I [B]HATED[/B] it, just hated it. Weird, I know, but there you have it. Perhaps I have not yet matured enough as a knitter to like it.

I’d say you just chalk it up to experience. You tried, did not like it, and now you know your way is okay. I’ve had a few of those expensive boo-boo’s in my life (so far not with knitting - yet) but with sewing. When you put those socks on your tootsies they will be so happy with their expensive socks hugging them.

I haven’t yet tried magic loop, but I do love my dpns…I think it is really what is keeping me tied to not trying magic loop…

Since I learned to knit on dpns I have no interest in doing anything else. I can knit a pair of socks in a couple days. Mittens in hours. But everyone has their likes so what ever makes you comfortable. :clink:

I purchased the needles and the book and so on. I however never got around to signing up for the class but meant to. I like DPN myself as well. I did learn the two circulars and I dont like it either. I thought it wasnt at all comfortable for me and well it would cost a fortune in all the size lengths in pairs to make socks in smaller sizes. I just didnt think they were neat and orderly and any easier at all.
(I wont tell you that YOU TUBE has Cat Bordi herself teaching a 3 part video on how to do it and it is free.)
Always search online for what you want to learn before signing up that way if you do take a class you know there was no other way around it and well you can always teach someone else in a barter or trade situation. You can say for sure without reservation that your prefer method for socks is a DPN and know your making them the best way for you, that peace of mind can be priceless really.

I agree…gotta do what works for you… :thumbsup:

I’m a dpn gal all the way and I love my bamboo needles. I know that some don’t like the bamboo and I’ll be honest, I hate breaking in a new pair. It seems to me the more I use them, the smoother they get, the new ones start out a bit gritty.

I’ve always been interested in trying the 2 socks at once, but I haven’t gotten around to trying it at all. I keep hearing that the addie needles are great - I’m hoping to try a friends before I make the investment.

Don’t feel guilty - I think you’ll find that a lot of people don’t do the extra’s but actually do save and from time to time do something that they think they will be interested in. Chalk it up as experience - you tried it and like it/don’t like it and then go on with your hobby the way that works for you.

Happy knitting

I took a toe up sock class which taught the magic loop method. It was a bit expensive, needles, class and yarn. I completed the class and the socks. However I don’t really like the socks as they used the wrap method at the heel which left holes at the gusset no matter how tightly I tried to knit.

I can chalk this up to experience because I now know that I’m not really a fan of magic loop, it just felt a little fiddly to me. I like my DPNs. But at least I’ve tried it and know how to do it if I ever need to in the future.

I think its good to try different methods that way you know what you like and what you don’t.

Hi! :waving:

When I was teaching myself two at a time socks on two circs, I found it incredibly awkward! One of the main reasons was because of the TWO balls of yarn. I had them in plastic zip loc bags to try to help keep them coralled, but they just slipped and slid all over the place! Very distracting, but I LOVED the idea of the two at a time, so I looked for a way to make it easier.

My solution? I took a gallon size zip loc, creased it in the middle lengthwise, and then ran a line of zig-zag stitch right along the crease down the middle. (I thought straight stitch might cause the line to perforate so I used zig zag.) Then I had two pouches for my yarn in one bag! You can either cut a little hole in the bottom corners and thread the yarn through or run the yarn out the corners at the top and seal up just the center part of the channel. (If you’re using a zip loc without the zipper sealer, just the channels) Either way, once you’ve got the yarn manageable, it’s so much easier to concentrate on and enjoy the knitting.

When you turn your work, just grab a corner of the bag and give it a quick flip. If you flip it the wrong way, a couple more flips puts you back on track!

Hope this helps!
Happy knitting,

Ruthie :knitting:

I totally understand the money-guilt thing - kind of like spending money on a gym membership I’m not using.:oops:

That’s a great idea! I will try it one more time and do the heel I like and the zip lock idea. We will see if that helps!! Thanks!!!

I learned how to knit in a knitting class at an LYS. ABout a year or so later I was in another knitting shop and showing the owners mother my pretty ribbing, she said to me “oh my how pretty that twisted stitch looks in the ribbing”. Come to find out I had been twisting my stitches all along and the teacher had never caught it. I was mad!!