As i cant find my old post i'll update on a new one

I updated a few weeks ago about the nasty old woman that reported me for neglecting my horses, well the story is getting better and better.

i got a knock at the door today to see another, yes another rescue centre there saying they had had a report about my horses.

they were here about 10/15 mins thats all as they could see everything was fine.

i have now had the 2 english centres in france, that just leaves the french one, that should be fun as that involves the police and there scary lol.

My brother and le are going to talk to the police tomorrow to see what we can do about harrassment etc as this has to be stopped.

I am waiting for the french version of social servicves to knock on my door when she realises she cant have the horses!!

i have asked for it in writting that the horses are fine etc, i was told by the end of today, well its 7pm an nothing yet, so im guessing it aint going to happen.

as you guys knew the rest thought you should know the stupidity of this

That is just unbelievable! Sorry you have to go through that!

Wow. She’s relentless, isn’t she? Are there any harassment charges or anything you can file against her to get her to stop? She’s taking it way too far!

to be honest i’m now treating this as a bit of a joke in my head. im not going to loose any more sleep
i am going to talk to the french police tomorrow morning to see what they can surgest i do. I’m not expecting them to help tbh though. when they dont i am going to contact the british embersy in paris and see what they say. im now in full strop mode and wopnt let this drop now. It takes a lot to get me like this but she’s now managed it now.
My dads said he’ll fund anything i need so i can afford to take this as far as i need to. She has made herself look so stupid.

I will know more tomorrow when i talk to the police and see what they surgest

thanks guys, i just thought it was right to carry in telling you about the sharade. its a joke it really is, laughable now i think lol

Even if your horses were neglected, what makes her think she would get them?

there are sooo many horses looking for homes here, neglect abandonment and creuelty are a big thing here. and she knows people at the rescue centres so would say she wanted them i guess.
ihave told her friend that i will be contactig the ploice tomorrow, i have just descovered that she will be finned or have a tax added. as long as my vet check comes back with a clean bill of health (which he will) she WILL be finned or taxed. thing is her husband works on the black, they get taxed they have a whole new problem, and yes i am nasty enough to carry it through, they have pushed me to far this time.

I think you are very right to push through the extra tax or fine!! What a horrible woman to report you for neglecting your horses again. If she really thinks that this is a way for her to get them from you, she’s a selfish, terrible woman.