As Close To Snow As It Gets in Florida

I guess it got cold last night…had no idea since I was toasty warm inside.

When I went outside this morning, here’s what my house (along with every other one on my street) looked like (a thin sheet of ice on the roof and yard):


[LEFT]There was even ice on the car in the driveway. Pretty cool!

That must be pretty unusual in Florida! Here we have this in October, sometimes September. :teehee:

Now I’m looking out my window, there is snow everywhere, the sidewalks are icy, and I’m about to book my ticket to Florida. :shifty: :teehee:

Haha, oh Florida! That’s what it’s like here in about October. I’m glad that you get to experience the cold once in a while- like it?
p.s. Your house is lovely! Where in Florida are you?

Yep mine too. I didn’t know it was that cold last night, and I started to leave for my morning walk and turned back to go grab a hat and scarf. lol But I love walking when it’s cold out. All the frost is a nice change of scenery too. :slight_smile:

It’s not unusual, it happens fairly often during the winter months. It’s just that this is as close to snow as we get. Which sucks.

I hope you appreciate your snow. :wink:

What a rip off! We didn’t get anything, the most that happened to us was the heat turned on about 4am. :-x

That looks like September to me. Here is our winter…
In the Yukon it is -36C. In Alberta, -30C. Not sure what that is in F but it is where your frost is coming from.

ROTFL. I have pictures of the “ice” storm we got on Friday. The ice melted as fast as it fell (sleet).

Ahh I love living in Texas!

I went to the store the other day and it had started to “snow”. Everyone came out of the store to see it snow. Now mind you this was sears, so most of the employees were grown men. They laughed and said “but ma’am, it never snows in texas”.

It of course didn’t stick.

Ahhh I love living in Texas :slight_smile:


What a pretty house! I remember when I was a kid, and would wake up to that, I would get all excited because I just knew it had snowed!!

This is what our front yard looked like about 9 days ago, here in Central Alabama! Of course, it didn’t last long enough to suit me, but it was so beautiful!


I live in Northern California, about 80 miles south or Oregon on the coast and it snowed for about an hour or so yesterday, we had snow that [I]stuck[/I]. It’s very unusal for it to actually snow and for it to actually stick! We took pics but they are at home and I am at work… :shifty: it was gone this morning…

That is so pretty! It’s just very, very wet here today. We get frost pretty often though in the winter.

Thank you…I :heart: my house.


We live on the Gulf Coast. What is funny is that I took the picture around 7am this morning. By the time I left to take my son to school, about 45 minutes later, a lot of this was gone. :cry:

I live in New England and I just can’t imagine my life without snow in it. Boggles my mind.

Now the cold, well, that I can do without. But not my snow.


Hey Chicky, you want to adopt me? First you live in Florida, second you live in a fantastic house and third you and I could knit together! What do you say???

Hey - can I get in on that, too? :shrug:

Awww…you’re so sweet!


The house is really not very big. But we were blessed to meet the builder right before he started working on this house. We were able to pick out everything and modify a few things in the floor plan. We’re happy with the way it turned out.

And you are more than welcome to c’mon down and join my crew! As long as you don’t mind teenagers and animals. I run a zoo, if you recall.


Sure thing! The more the merrier! :muah:

Wow, what a nice looking house you have! As Darcia put it’s been cold up here, in Northern BC & Alberta they’re looking at -22F without the wind chill, I believe one place up in BC with windchill they’re looking at - 52.6F burrr…

Time for me to go to FL, shall I look you up Auburnchick?

I grew up in New England and then moved to Florida to go to college. Now, whenever I go up north over the holidays and complain about how cold it is, my dad just chuckles and calls me thin-blooded. What can I say? You can take the girl out of Florida, but you can’t take Florida out of the girl! :teehee:


We have the prettiest beaches in the country. Come on down!