As a fan of Tbbt ...

Are your names really @Sheldon and @Amy? In RL?

I don’t remember when the big bang theory (series) started, but I am sure I can’t be the first to notice the similarities in your names to that of the series “couple” Shammy (Sheldon Cooper and Amy Fara Fowler.)

Amy is knitting just a hobby and you are really a neurobiologist?

Well it is 3 ÀM here. Maybe that explains why I am so amused by this coincidence. Lol

It would also explain why a phyisist would code for a kniting forum, if it relates to “string theory.”

Good one!

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Oh. My. God. That is one of my favorite shows and that never even crossed my mind! Too funny! :joy:

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String theory. That’s a good one! :grin:

Funny enough I have never watched the Big Bang Theory, although I am occasionally asked my thoughts on the show by strangers when they learn my name. It blows their mind when I say I am also married to an Amy. Adding even more to the coincidence: my parents named me Leonard for about a week, before my mom decided on Sheldon. I am still waiting for my namesake licensing royalty checks to start arriving.