Artyarns Supermerino

Any reviews? There is some on sale at Loop that I was considering, but am concerned that since is is washable that it might be scratchy.


I don’t know, but can tell you soon. I got some on sale at Loop and it shipped last Friday, so I hope I can get it today. I don’t think being superwash will make it scratchy. Cascade Superwash feels softer than the regular Cascade to me.

I have found superwash wools to be smoother than regular wools, and merino is heaven in any form, anyway.

I :heart: the Supermerino. It’s softer than it seems. I love the Ultramerino4 for socks. Angelia’s used the Supermerino for thicker socks too.

OMG, I love it! It is a treat to knit with, the colorways are gorgeous, and it is unbelievably soft!


It is my favorite sock yarn!

I also love knitting with the Artyarns supermerino. It is soft and I didn’t find it scratchy at all.