Artlady's Yarn De-Stash

A [B]Show Me Your Stash[/B] thread here at KH got me to :figureditout: thinking…dangerous thing to do, eh?

So I spent an hour…going over my Ravelry Stash…and put over 100 into the [COLOR=Blue]FOR SALE [/COLOR]category! BTW: the listing is current. If something sells, I immediately pull it out.

Although the category is technically WILL SELL or TRADE…I don’t want to trade.

I’m a motivated seller. :wink:
If you bundle 3 offerings in their entirety, I’ll come down in price!

I’ve just sent you a message on Ravelry :slight_smile:

Hi Zoe! :waving:

I got your Rav message and I message you back from there!
Hope we can make a good deal! :heart:

Awwww the day has arrived can’t wait to browse thru your stash…Are prices up there too

No, didn’t mark prices. I only got as far as sorting my “must keep” yarns from my “should part with” yarns! So there are now 121 batches that I’m destashing! Message me at Rav for price(s) on yarns that you’re interested in.

I’ll have to peek at other trade/sell stashes to see if most folks put prices in the notes section. I never thought of it. It’s a daunting task to contemplate!

I just mailed yarn to a knitter in Australia! Wow!

Thanks, I can’t wait to shop (well if I can afford it)cloud9

FYI…There’s a post under “Charity” she is looking for “Fun Fur” and I see you have some for sale…I offered my one skein of eyelash too her!!:hug:

Also, sent you a message on Rav…

:waving: I priced all of my de-stash yarns! Click here

have you removed the ones you sold?

Yes. The minute that payment hits my Paypal…I yank it out of the FOR SALE folder, and move it to the SOLD folder.

But I don’t remove it UNTIL payment is made. :thumbsup:

I’m lookin’!

wow what a selection!:cool:

Okay, I would like the 10 skeins of Casade,Sierra

Please pm a paypal account and
what the shipping would be to 98230(Blaine,Wa)?



I PM’d you my Paypal email account. Plus the shipping/mailing Parcel Post cost…


Like, drool!

:teehee: I’ve been adding new stash to the de-stash every day.

A lot has sold…but I keep adding to it. Digging deep, as they say…

More added today! Some really nice stuff. At a good price!

Noro, Malabrigo, Bamboucle, Cotton Patine, Wisdom Poems…and more…



Payment method?

What do you recommend for stash building…I have several cascade worsted-ish, and cheap cotton yarn.

Paypal or money order.

Stash building? Cascade 220 is a wonderful yarn! I’ve never seen a Cascade 220 sweater that didn’t look professional and beautiful. Cascade Superwash is also great.

Noro Silk Garden and Noro Kureyon…both great if you love variegated colorways. Noro Cash Iroha and Noro Iro: fantastic!

Tweeds are a great staple IMO. I adore Berrocco Blackstone Tweed and Rowan Silky Tweed are great stash builders.

Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool is fantastic. It’s been a best seller for years. It wears well and feels great. Warm but never too hot.

Another fav of mine is Black Water Abbey worsted. It’s not a softie yarn, but after proper blocking I can comfortably wear it right next to my skin. It does wonderful cabled sweaters!

Yarn choices are so personal to each individual. For sweater knitting, spend as much as you can comfortably afford for the yarn. A quality yarn is worth it, especially for sweaters.

Cascade brand is noted for being high quality and affordable at the same time.