Artlady's wips: update

Well, I won’t be posting any FO’s for a while. I have really gone and bit off some BIG PROJECTS, and essentially all at the same time. I hate it when I do that. So these 3 projects are all in some stage of being done.

CALLUNA CARDIGAN (model photo below)

My Calluna Body is blocking now (photo below):

Have also finished the first sleeve, not in photo.

LOG CABIN BLANKET (she needs 4 additional ‘rounds’ as of this photo…but I ran out of yarn, and ran out of patience, too…the last 4 rounds are an enormous amount of stitches on a US8!) Sept 23 update: have only 1 ‘round’ to go! A ‘round’ is 4 sides.

And finally, theCLASIC COAT, featured on the cover of the latest edition of Interweave Knits Fall 2009.

I’m done with the BACK, both FRONTS and 1 sleeve!
Using City Tweed HW in ‘Jacquard’. Here is a sleeve:

I’m co-hosting aKNITALONG for the CLASICA COAT over at Ravelry. We have 120 knitters so far, and the list is growing by the hour! I mailed a prize of 4 custom made stitch markers to our 100th member to sign up! (made by yours truly: sterling silver and blue cloisonne)

Anyhoo, that’s what I’ve been up to! BTW, all 3 of these projects are using the new Knitpicks CITY TWEED HW! I’ve knit 49 skeins of this yarn so far (8.036 yds)! I guess you could say I really like it!

Boy that looks like a lot of work! :zombie:

I like that Calluna Cardi. How come your two fronts look different on the bodice? Is it just the way it was photographed?

  1. i want the log cabin!
    -both yours and his!!!

  2. i LOVE LOVE LOVE that coat

Lovely as always! City Tweed is on my wish list. :wink: I love the color of the classic coat. Is the difference in the top panels in the cardi what you are talking about when you say you screwed up the diagonal rib sequence?

I like the Log Cabin. But that is a lot garter stitch! One of the reasons I haven’t made one.

Your other projects look great too!

Since you are an expert on City Tweed how does it hold up later with washing and wearing. Does it pill???

That is one crazy bunch of projects!..but just ever so lovely. Like the little cabin in the background too. Almost as cute as one of our little outbuildings (just kidding - yours is cuter).

This is what hubby (pictured) built me as a garden shed 10 years ago, from scraps of lumber.

Wonderful projects going there ArtLady!! I’ll have to order me some of that KP Tweed. It knits up beautifully!

Mindblowing … i hve liked all ur projects …u r genius has a gud taste …kit it up …thnks

There is a LEFT DIAGONAL RIB and RIGHT DIAGONAL RIB for both the Fronts and Back. Of course, the camera picks them up like one is flatter…but, other than one leans left and the other leans right, they are mirror images of one another.

Aw, that is one adorable garden shed! :heart: I love it!

No, the Fronts are correct. The boo-boos are on the Back.
On just two of the multitudinous rows. I can’t live with it, so will frog later! Oy! :eyes:

This model Calluna shows the “diagonal rib” mirror image for each Front better!

And here is my Rav knitting buddy’s Calluna, laid out to dry!

You are my hero ArtLady!

Those are going to be gorgeous! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the colors you chose! That city tweed is no nice to look at!

I’ve been wanting to make an afghan for my DS, and was leaning toward the lizard ridge, but after seeing your latest log cabin, I’m thinking that might be the way to go!


Lizard Ridge is awesome! BUT, that seammmmming…
yikes! And, lest we forget…NORO is quite a bit more money than City Tweed! There is an outrageous blanket over at Ravelry, that used all the colors of City Tweed HW. It was a patch-squares blanket, therefore seamed, but the colors were wonderful altogether! Just great!

Each ‘square’ is an itty bitty LOG CABIN…then the group leader (it was a charity blanket for a friend) seamed everyone’s little square log cabins together!

Project Melanie

And below is a link to a Kuryeon Log Cabin. Again, the individual little log cabins had to be seamed together, but isn’t it awesome?

Paintbox Kureyon Log Cabin Quilt

These two log cabins are so inspiring, as is the Lizard Ridge! What to do, what to do!!

Gorgeous! The second one reminds me of Kaffe Fassett.

Don’t mean to gush (well, maybe I do, a little), but your work is always so nicely done and beautiful!

3 huge jobs! and beautiful as all the things you knit, Artlady.
a kiss,

Once again you awe me with your work!! I just adore your progress so far on the Calluna. I can’t wait to see your version of the Clasic coat.