Artlady's KAL for "Tempting II"

Check this LINK
There are lots of Rowan “Calmer” offerings on Ebay today. Keep scrolling down when you get there! And quite a few are half price!! WhooHooo!

Hi, ArtLady. I am looking with interest at the knit along you have going. You know I don’t usually knit grown up things, but this top would look great on my youngest DD. I don’t know if she would like it or if I could find yarn suitable. I would want it to be a summer top and so seems like the cotton blend would be in order.

I’ve been looking around on-line. And I found this at Elann. What do you think of it. Would it work? I don’t want to make something that will be worn once and be trash after that, but looking at the Rowan… my cheap-o-meter went off. LOL This other stuff is in mostly bright colors and I don’t know if my DD would like any of them, or the top for that matter. But I may ask her. Have you ever used or seen this yarn used? I think the gauge could work. I think I would need to make the 36 or possibly the 32, so would need 8 balls of this Elann yarn. That would only be $18.00, which keeps my temperature down much better. lol


Yes, I do think it would work! “Calmer” is also a cotton/microfiber blend (75% Cotton/25% Microfiber) That’s what gives it the stretchiness, and keeps the summer top close to the bod. The pattern says to knit it up to be a little snug. Like if your chest is 42"…knit the size for 40".

Thanks ever so much for the link! This may help others, too! I LOVE THE GOOD PRICE!!!

As I said, Calmer is on sale on Ebay. I posted the link but here it is again: CALMER

Your yarn at Elann is a better bargain though! The Calmer on sale would bring the cost of the top to at least $25 plus shipping.

Your Katia JET is only $18 for the size you need! WhoooHooo! :woot:

I’m gonna see if I can’t post a link to that yarn in my signature. I might not have enough space allowed. I’d have to offload my Ravelry hot link, or my 2008 Year of the Stash hot link.

Welcome Merigold! We need you! :thumbsup:

I called my DD and she looked at the pattern and liked it. She would prefer it minus the buckle, which is fine by me. She also looked at the colors of the Elann and liked three of them.

I don’t know anything about using E-bay. It has always scared me. We don’t have an account, but DD said she did. She may look at the yarn there. She is working Mon., Tue., Wed., nights (12 hour shifts) and has a little baby to take care of and was trying to take a nap when I called (but was still awake). Our son and his wife gave us a $25.00 gift certificate to spend on E-bay quite a few years ago. We haven’t used it and don’t even know how, or if we still can. So we’re bad about E-bay and most things that involve money/technology. The more of either the worse we are. LOL


I may skip the buckle, too. I might make the pieces (that would go into the buckle) longer and tie them in a cute square knot. That appeals to me more.

Yeah, Ebay scares lots of folks. I use PayPal, so my cc information is completely secure.

And, I use only a few of the highest rated Ebay Yarn Shops. Those shops with 100% customer Feedback Approval. Those Ebayers CARE ABOUT FEEDBACK. Nothin’ could kill their business quicker than negative feedback.

I have never had even one bad experience with Ebay Yarn Shops, or any other shop for that matter. I bought a vintage print a couple weeks ago…a print of old timey knitters with their kids hangin’ all over them. The vendor lives in England, and I got that print quicker than stuff from Elann!

But, as I said, I only buy from established SHOPS on Ebay. The ones that are in it for the long haul, as a business! Not the miscellaneous fly-by-night Ebayers.

I think your KATIA JET yarn will do wonderfully for Tempting II.
I would buy it myself if I didn’t already have Stash yarn for it!

I went to look at E-bay and have a couple of questions. One of the sellers is called Rainbow and has 100% good feed back. She says the shipping is $3.50 but doesn’t say how she handles multiple skeins. The one in England, Janette’s Rare Yarns (or something with a J), had 99.9% good feedback. That is pretty high in my mind. She had some turquoise, which was one of the colors my DD likes of the Katia Jet. Rowan is a good name in my book because that man knitter who did all the fantastic color knitting used it. LOL It is also 75% cotton instead of the Katia Jet being 50%. The gal in England at least said how she handled multiple skeins. 1 was $4.00 and each after that was $1.00 more. Do you think the gal in Texas would want $3.50 per skein, or how do you find out?

Have you used or seen the Katia Jet?

The Ebay lady in Texas is not Rainbow…it is Yarnbow! TeeHee! I have ordered from her many times. If you click on one of her yarns…and scroll waaaaaaaaaaaaay down…keep scrolling…keep scrolling…you will see where [U]she states $3.50 for ball #1 and 60 cents for ea. add’l ball.[/U]

If you ever have questions in the future, look on the right hand side of the page of the yarn…and click ASK SELLER A QUESTION. When she gets your question, she will know what yarn you are asking about. She gets right back to you with answers! All good ebayers do!

I knit a full pullover with Calmer a couple years ago! I love it!
It breathes, and being slightly stretchy, it isn’t restricting! Just enough stretch, like jeans with a little stretch. Dontcha just love 'em?

On I found some cotton/acrylic blend yarn. Would that work? The pattern says that 100% cotton doesn’t work so well for Tempting 2, and I mostly have 100% cotton. Here’s a link to the yarn I found.

artlady, well I dont have enough yarn of my KIM, so I went :eyes: at the LYS and picked up some deb bliss pure cotton but I dont think it will work that well. I does not stretch very well.
I did do a gauge swatch and 20/ 25 rows. What do you think? Should I look for something else.

I looked at the gauge, and it seems to be spot on! I think you have a winner! Nice price, too!

The yardage per skein is almost identical to Calmer’s yardage.

NOTE: they attached a disclaimer about their inconsistent dyelots.
So you might end up having to alternate every other row with a different skein if shading differences appear!

I’ll probably buy it in the store, so I can make sure to get it all from one dyelot; I just looked online to see what was available. I think the disclaimer meant that if you order online, they aren’t going to scrutinize each skein to make sure the dyelots match. And, anyway, I’m not about to pay shipping when I can just go to the store. :slight_smile:

indygirl… can you post the website were you ordered your yarn again, I cant seem to find it?

Well, I guess after buying Yarnbows green sour yarn I’m in… Now to wait till it arrives!

I’d do the same! I didn’t know they carried it in the store! Sometimes what’s online and what’s in the store don’t sync!
Take a digital of your yarn when ya get it! Share the photo with us!:cheering:

Ohhhhh I am so [COLOR=DarkGreen][B]GREEN! :teehee: [/B][COLOR=Black] I’m glad you scored that color!
It’s a discontinued color, so we can’t get it anymore after what’s out there is SOLD OUT!

Good for you!! Yarnbow ships fast!

Hello eveyone, I just placed my order for some calmer. I cant wait to get it :cheering:

Darn… I wish I would have known about the last days of the sour color. I would have went and ordered that instead… :hmm:

I just hope what I ordered is enough then. I’m having trouble completing Tempting I due to having trusted the pattern about how much yarn is needed!

Yarnbow on Ebay still has 4 skeins of color “[B][COLOR=Lime]SOUR[/COLOR][/B]” (Rowan’s Calmer) left.

If anyone is making the size XS-S-or-M…4 is all you need.

Ok…well it turned out the good yarn I found online [I]wasn’t[/I] available in the store after all. So I went to another store. And they didn’t have it either. I thought I had seen it there before. I guess it was the same brand, but not the same type. I went ahead and bought some “denim style” yarn (can’t remember the brand right now, since I don’t have it in front of me), thinking maybe it would work. I knitted a swatch, and the gauge isn’t quite right, and it doesn’t have as much stitch definition as I’d like for this project. So now I have four skeins of yarn with no idea for how to use them…and I think I’ll go ahead and order the yarn I liked…online. :roll: Go figure.