Artlady's KAL for "Tempting II"

Hello Knitters! :waving:

Here is the 1st post for our “Tempting II” KAL!

Here are a few things we need to do before casting on our 1st stitch:

  1. print the pattern
  2. search for a preferred yarn
  3. knit a gauge swatch

Notes: the pattern uses Rowan’s CALMER. I’ve used this yarn before, and it’s[B] fabulous[/B]. The pattern says that whatever yarn we decide to use, it is best if the yarn has [I]some stretchiness[/I] qualities.

The [B]‘stitch gauge’ [/B]for the pattern [B]is 20st=4" on stocking stitch[/B], using a US8 needle. For most knitters, the US8 will render a perfect 4" for 20 stitches of st st. But, here’s the rub: If you knit tight, the swatch will be too narrow (maybe just 3.5"). If you knit loose, the swatch will be too wide (maybe 4.5"). You can’t usually change how you knit. Tight knitters just knit tight, and have to compensate for that by using larger size needles! On the other hand, loose knitters have to compensate by using smaller size needles.

So, first let’s decide on the yarn, get the yarn, and then we swatch.

If you want to use a yarn other than Calmer, check the ball band and make sure the recommended gauge of that yarn says [U]18st-20st = 4" in[/U] [U]st st[/U]. (Some yarns give its gauge in 1" increments, so just multiply that by 4 to tell the 4" stitch gauge)

[COLOR=Red][COLOR=Black][[/COLOR]CAUTION:[/COLOR] You can’t make a DK yarn work for Tempting II. A DK yarn gauge is usually 22st=4". You can’t make a bulky worsted yarn work for Tempting II either.
A bulky worsted yarn usually starts at 16-17st=4". Not good.]

We have to start with a yarn that is in the ballpark of 20st=4".

Please reply to me with any questions that you have about [COLOR=Blue]PHASE 1[/COLOR] of our sweater: the yarn choice, gauge, and the gauge swatch!

Also, preview the “tools” that the pattern says we need.
Ask me any questions about that list of tools, too.

TEMPTING II pattern here

NOTE ADDED LATER:[/B] Please read!

On page 33 of this thread, I have posted photos that will be of help to you after you complete the BODY ribbing. These photos are broken up into 5 consecutive posts, and they go in order as the pattern does. The posts are #323-#327. Please bookmark page 33 so that you can refer back to these photos.

I knit in-the-round [U]with the RS on the inside[/U] of the tube. My photos on page 33 reflect this. Most knitters, however, knit with the RS [I]on the[/I] [I]outside[/I] of the tube. Whatever kind of ‘in-the-round’ knitter you are, bear in mind that my RS is on the inside. So don’t let my photos on page 33 confuse you!

I have placed a photo tutorial on page 42, post #423 that demonstrates step-by-step how I join row 1 to row 2 for ‘in-the-round’ …and this makes the RS on the inside.

It doesn’t make a bit of difference to the ultimate outcome of this pattern. I just prefer seeing my RS [I]on the inside[/I] of my tube, and the working needles are not next to my body, but furthest from my body.

Er, what type of yarn would we use then? My LYS has a lot of stuff, but a lot of it is just from local knitters/spinners/dyers. I don’t know how many specific brands they have, but I will try.

If Bulky weight is too fat, and DK weight is too thin, would Aran/Medium weight work? Just asking, because I don’t have a lot of experience working with yarn that a certain pattern calls for. I use the same needle size and same yarn weight, but if I have some extra Bulky weight lurking around and I want to knit a ___________, then I will use that Bulky weight stuff. I usually just use what yarn I have around because I can’t drive myself over to my LYS and buy what I need, so my choices are limited. I have a lot of pretty medium weight stuff, so just let me know, Artlady! Thanks!

Ok, more rambling. Will 100% merino wool work? Or what about other stuff? What would work the best? Thank you!

Yes, yarn that is called Aran/Medium weight is good. “Rowan Calmer” (that the pattern designer used) is classified Aran/Medium weight.

Yes, 100% merino wool will work…but if the yarn doesn’t have a [U]label[/U] on it to tell you what its gauge (fatness/thinnesss) is… knit a gauge swatch to test it.

Does your 100% merino wool have a label on it? Merino wool comes in different weights (fatness/thinness). Lace weight, dk weight, aran weight, even bulky weight.

[B]Gauge swatch> Step #1:[/B]
Knit your gauge swatch, measure, and get back to me with the measurement. If it’s a perfect 4"…we’re in business and you can use that yarn with that needle size. If it is more than 4", or less than 4"…I will tell you what to do about it in our next gauge swatch lesson.

[B]To make a gauge swatch:[/B]
Cast on 22 stitches. Work back and forth for 4" like this:
Row 1: K across the entire row
Row 2: K1, Purl 20, K1.

Repeat rows 1 & 2 for 4" in length. Don’t count the stitches on your needle. Cast off on the next row.

When you are done, measure the middle 20 stitches.
Don’t count the end stitches (they are called “edge stitches”)
Measure inbetween the edge stitches.

For our Tempting II, our 20 middle stitches should measure 4".

NOTE: the reason that “gauge” is so important with sweater knitting is so that the sweater will fit you! If gauge is OFF, then the sweater will end up being too tight, or too loose!

WAIT WAIT WAIT! I still haven’t got the yarn yet! I need a trip to my LYS to get some yarn. Grrrrr. The only possible time would be like, Friday. Your going to have to hold off for a few days Artlady. Well, actually, I have some blue stuff. Lemme get that.

:teehee: What happens if your a chubkins like me? I would like to try this though. Did I need to do part one?

No problem, KG! I don’t have the yarn either. I thought you wanted to try your 100% merino!

There’ s no rush! :teehee: Let’s take our time and consider all of our yarn options.

But when you do get your yarn, or want to try a yarn that you already have…then you will do Gauge Swatch Step #1!

I still hafta find a yarn, too! :teehee:

I also realize that you have school, and maybe a whole bunch of other activities you participate in, and you probably help your mom around the house with a few chores! So, whatever you can devote to our KAL is okay by me!

We’ll have our Tempting II done by the time the snow is gone, and the sun is here!!!



I don’t have the merino, I was just thinking…because I saw it at my LYS a couple weeks back…

seriously, I would like to join in this kal. Am I still able to even though I did not do the first part?
Happy knitting

Yes! Be sure to do a swatch first. Very important! The Tempting II link is also enclosed in my signature. As you can see, it gives directions in lots of sizing. I am making the size L.

Welcome Terri! :grphug:

Yes, please join me and Rosalie in this KAL! :grphug:

Isn’t this Tempting II an adorable top! I really need it to wear with two cardigans I’m making! Blouses won’t do for them!

Knittinggymnast (KG for short) hasn’t purchased her yarn yet…so you are not behind us at all.

I want to join, too! I finished my Tempting sweater recently, and I’m in the middle of another top; hopefully I’ll finish it soon. I haven’t participated in a KAL before. What type of yarn would you recommend? I used acrylic for Tempting, and wish I hadn’t; it’s kinda sweaty and itchy. I have a lot of recycled cotton, but it might be too thin. Since I got it from sweaters, I’m not sure what weight it is. I have some worsted(I think) cashmere…would that work? Is cashmere good for summer-time? Tempting 2 is such a cute top; I want to make a good yarn choice so I can wear it! Summers are very hot and humid where I live.

Cashmere is Reaally Warm, so I wouldn’t recommend it for a warm weather sweater. Maybe you could double the cotton (if you have enough) and see how that works.

Hmmm… this looks like something my daughter might like. Let me run it past her and I may join you.

ohh I really like this pattern!

I would like to join in and make one for my daughter. I think I’m a little busty to make this for me. I have a bag of 10 balls of Debbie Bliss merino aran. It says on the band it is 50g. Do you think that is enough yarn. My daughter is a very small person. Also would that kind of yarn be to warm for the spring?

Hi Love!

Well, the model sweater is knit out of Rowan’s “Calmer”…a cotton blend with a bit of stretchiness to it. I noticed that one of my favorite Ebay yarn shops has some Calmer on sale!!! Wheee! In a light limey green called SOUR, and in a peachy color called TANGERINE!
Somebody better go over and grab up that SOUR. There are only 10 sk left and it is eatin’ at me somethin’ fierce! I love the color!!!

“Calmer” is typically about $10-$12 per skein! But Yarnbow is offering these two for just $6.25 per skein! A real savings! She is a good Ebayer, BTW. I have purchased from her numerous times.

Whatever YARN you decide on, [U]the yarn label has to say the gauge of the yarn is 18-20 st per 4" in st. st.[/U]

If you have “unknown” yarn in your Stash, and want to FIND OUT what the weight is, just cast on 22 stitches with a US8 needle, and work st st back and forth for about 4".

Then measure the width of the middle 20 st. If it measures 4", you have an aran weight that will work for Tempting II.

And you probably know how to change needle sizes up or down to re-swatch if your swatch was too wide or too narrow for those middle 20st, right?

Some yarns can be tweaked by needle size to conform to the gauge required by the pattern. But, you can’t go up in size too far to make a lightweight yarn work. The st st would be loosey-goosey and hole-y looking.

Conversely, if you go down in needle size for a bulky-ish yarn, the st st will look too thick, and feel like a placemat. That doesn’t work either.

No, you can only tweak a yarn and its gauge a needle size or two up or down.

I have been having gauge issues lately. Trying to find a pattern for a yarn I have my heart set on…and to make things even more interesting, the yarn is variegated, and thereby limiting my pattern choices even more! :eyes:

Hi Indy! :waving:

The ballband should also say how many yards is contained in that 50g. of DB merino aran. If not, go to the Yarndex and find out.

The model sweater is using “Calmer”, which has 177 yds. per skein. If you needed, for example, 4 skeins for your daughter’s size…that would be 708 yds total in any yarn.

Lemme see, I’ll check with the Yarndex. Yup, it has 86 yds per skein. So you have in your possession 860 yds. Probably more than enough to make a Tempting II for your DD!

Welcome to Tempting II KAL, Indygirl!! :woot: is a site that will tell you all the stats about almost any yarn! It is so way cool!

Thanks Artlady, I saved that yarndex site. I might go looking around online to try to find this “calmer” that the pattern calls for. I can always use this yummy ‘debbie bliss’ another time.

It would be wonderful to have you, lelvsdgs! Get back to us! :muah:

Look what I just found. I think it will look great on my D.D. and I love the color. :woot: