Artlady needs desktop computer help!

Thanks for the tips and info Mason! :thumbsup: I don’t know how to crack open my CPU tower, nor what to look for once inside its brain! A Dell Doctor came by once years ago to install a new motherboard (mine was defective)…but that’s the only time I’ve seen inside the skull of my CPU! Can I GOOGLE information like that? Are there websites that show how to crack open the tower and how to locate the power supply, and what it looks like?

My dad always does the fixing inside the computer type things, he has a book think it’s a “dummies guide to computers” or something. He’s upgraded the graphics card, ram, internal battery etc himself

Have you contacted Dell Technical Support (877-465-2968) in regard to this problem? I know zilch about the inside working parts of the CPU, but when mine took a complete nose-dive a few months ago I was on the phone with Dell Tech Support for at least four hours while the very patient ‘nerd’ there had my hands inside the skull as you so aptly call it. Turned out, after trying this, that and the other, the hard drive and memory were gone and, since the computer came with an extended three-year warranty, when the local tech came out I did not have to pay a cent for the replacement or house call. Honestly, the back is not the difficult to remove, but I did need ‘support’ talking to me in my ear. Good luck with yours. From the several dealings in the past with Dell I would buy another one, that’s for certain. Oh, they are in the U.S. so you can understand them also. :yay:

There should be some screws holding the case or a panel on, or the panel should slide along one side. The power supply is the piece that the power cord is connected to. It may not look obviously `fried’ though.

This thread is making my laptop feel bad. All I have is 512 ram and an 80gig HD. I always get my hubby’s hand me down computers and so far this one does all I need, but bookkeeping and surfing the net don’t require much.

:hug:give your laptop a big ole hug from Artlady! TeeHee! :teehee: I had to chuckle when I read your reply! Yes, the reason I’m trying to fix up my Dell Desktop (the dinosaur with only 512 GB ram) is because it is still quite snappy! It isn’t overloaded with thousands programs, etc.

I dunno. Maybe 4GB Ram is overkill unless you are a gamer. This little laptop I’m typing on is 1GB Ram. It takes a second for a Word or Excel doc to open. But all in all, its good! But I heard that the new VISTA OS performs terribly if you don’t have at least 2GB Ram, and the more Ram the better. It is a memory sucking program, is what I heard.

While replacing the power supply is actually a pretty easy job, I’d suggest taking it to someone who has done it before. I’d hate to read about you getting yourself electrocuted or something.

Hey Mason! Thanks, I will! There is a little ‘computer doctor’ place about 2 blocks from me. I’m gonna stop in and talk to the guy. Ask him about the ‘diagnosis’ cost, and then ‘fix it’ cost. Let ya know what he says.

Yeah that might be best. While I do all of my own computer work, I usually recommend such things be done by a professional.

:roflhard: Maybe so, but I was going to make darn sure I had no problems and I haven’t. RAM is pretty inexpensive overall now anyway. I’m sure that 3 would be very good, too.

Now about that fact that you’ve not opened the computer… :zombie: They have to be cleaned occasionally. Animal fur is a computer killer! If you still have the book that came with it it should tell you how to open it. Do it carefully, and clean it carefully making sure to reseat any parts if they get bumped.

Huh? :?? Cleaned? I never knew that! Ho boy! No, this things never been cleaned. Just dusted.

If I get a new 'puter with VISTA OS…I will go for 4GB Ram,too. The difference in price between 3GB and 4GB is not that great.
And you made a good point: by using your existing monitor and speakers (keyboard and mouse, too?) you could put all your money into the CPU.

My question prolly answered already: the fittings for monitors and speakers are universal, right? My existing monitor will plug into a new CPU, etc. The fitting is the same, right? :??

I could call DELL, but I sometimes think their main goal is to SELL new components…[U]not[/U] find ways for their customers to use existing components.

Jan, how do you like the VISTA OS? An easy transition??

Yikes!!! You’ve never cleaned the inside of the tower? Dust is a real killer.

I didn’t know dust could get [U]in[/U] the tower! Well, maybe this is part of my problem.

What to do. What to do. :??

Well, maybe I should unplug it, open it up, and take a peek.

Do you [U]vacuum[/U] yours? The skinny crevice tool for the vacuum should do the trick, if vacuuming is ok.

When I had problems a few months ago with my Dell and spoke with the Technical Support they suggested dusting inside also. He suggested canned air. Haven’t done it yet though…:oo:

Oh dear, never been cleaned internally?

You need a can of compressed air, ie Dust Off and a vacuum cleaner. Might I suggest a mask for your face if you are are allergic to dust.

Unplug the unit, remove the side panel and dust away. As you use ‘Dust Off’ use the vacuum at the same time suck out all the bunnies.

You can vacuum, but do it carefully. Don’t touch any parts if possible. The crevice tool has strong suction so be careful with it.

Actually, I don’t find Vista all that much different than XP. I don’t know what all the hoopla was about. Sure it’s a little different, but it was an easy transition. Mine works fine, too. I had a little issue a few weeks ago, but they guy didn’t say it was Vista specifically and he was very helpful and we got it fixed. I expect some problems with electronics, it’s the nature of the beast. :wink:

If I get a new 'puter with VISTA OS…I will go for 4GB Ram,too.

Do Not Get Vista! It’s so bad that new computers are now being put out with XP on them instead – with permission from MS because they realize it’s got too many bugs to fix.

And yes, dust and fuzzies get sucked inside, can cause heat and static to build up and zap parts. Get any sort of canned air from an office supply store like Staples or Officemax.

It’s surprising what dust magnets electronics are. I have to dust the tv and all it’s add ons, the computers, and the stereo much more often than anything else in the house. Our desktop was having a nervous breakdown a while ago and when hubby opened it he found a disgusting mess. It took a while to get it all cleaned out, but the computer is fine now.

I got a new Compaq in Feb. with Vista and really like it. As Jan said it isn’t so different from XP. I had to update to SP1 so followed all the directions on the Microsoft and HP web sites “to do” before installing SP1. Had no problems. I have an older Compaq with XP and was dreading Vista but I am pleased with it.

I just bought a new HP laptop. Naturally it came with Vista Home Premium. While I will never be a Micro$oft fan, Vista isn’t so bad. Many of the main problems were fixed with SP1.

I’ll still be installing Linux on it as soon as I get a little spare time :mrgreen: