Artlady needs a little HELP from her friends!

Does anyone have a (pattern) link for a cuff-to-cuff, sideways knit cardigan that is suitable for this Berroco ‘Bonsai’, which is a recommended gauge: 20st=4" and since I only have 10 hanks @77yds
the pattern couldn’t use more than 750 yds. (for a size M)

The sleeves would be elbow length, or just 1-2" below elbow.
The cardigan would be ‘at the waist’ or just below.

Thanks for any leads or links you can share with me! :heart:

The yarn I have is Berroco Bonsai: it’s a bamboo ‘tape’.
I found it at an LYS in an small old gold mining town in Nowhere, USA
(this past week on our trip to the mountain wilderness in NE Washington)

You’d be a better judge of what kind of patterns the yarn works with since you’re more experienced, but I can find some patterns.

I’m pretty sure these are cuff to cuff.

Here’s a few more.

Can’t wait to see that knitted up into something!