Artlady is in LOVE with Cubics circs

I’m working with a very futzy lacewweight yarn for a Wedding Shawl for my granddaughter. Gah. Laceweight and I don’t gel. These old hands prefer dk, worsted, aran and bulky yarns.

Anyway, I want to tell you…I have a few pairs of the Cubics circulars…and after fighting with several brands of circs…I landed on these as the PERFECT NEEDLE to work with laceweight yarn, on top of a lacey pattern stitch.

The yarn doesn’t slip and slid around with these Cubics needles.
The futzy technique required in the Saturday Lace portion of the shawl (slip 2 together knitwise onto the right needle, knit the next stitch, pass the 2 slipped stitches over the knit 1) is very aggravating…the scooping of 2 stitches together knitwise is hard to do cuz the right needle tip wants to glance off the left needle…but the square shape of the Cubics creates a little space for this maneuver to be executed.

Well, long story short…the Cubics saved me from tossing this whole thing in the garbage bin. Saved me in several ways: the yarn doesn’t slip around and off the needle. the maneuver described above is easier, the needle tip is just pointy enough, and the base of the needle tip is nice and smooth…queuing the stitches is a breeze.

Even my Signature Needle circ was a putz. There is a slight hump at the base of the needle shaft that would make queuing the stitches a PITA.

I am tempted to purchase the whole darn set of Cubics interchangeables. I only have about 4 pairs of Cubic ‘set circs’ at the moment. As soon as I get more allowance in the budget…

The Cubics needle tips don’t tend to split this yarn’s two strands!

Here is the shawl. And here. It can be done with dk weight (as shown in the photos), or laceweight.

I’m using laceweight because I think it’s dressier for a Wedding Shawl…and I had the yarn in my Stash. :thumbsup:

Here is a girl that did hers in laceweight. But most of the Rav knitters have used heavier yarn, like the dk or fingering. Her’s look a bit sporty because of the variegated yarn, but I think it’s beautiful!

Here is a white laceweight shawl that I think is inspiring! She looks so beautiful. I don’t think my shawl will be this long. It won’t come down to my granddaughter’s wrists. But I haven’t blocked mine, I have no idea how much it will grow when it’s been soaked and pinned out. I don’t want it to be wrist-length. My granddaughter is small, and it’s a summertime wedding. The shawl might be useful in the evening. Or not, but she’ll have it. In Seattle, it can be blustery and rainy in mid-July! :pout:

The Weekend Shawl pattern is available at Rav. I don’t consider it a “weekend” project…at least NOT WITH MY YARN! It is slooooow going, let me tell ya. But, it is a very very easy pattern. Starting out with plain st st, that increases from 33st to XXX stitches. Then so many rows of Saturday Lace pattern. Then finally, so many rows of Sunday Lace. It’s a nice pattern IMHO.

Anyway, my point of this thread…you’ll[COLOR=Red] LOVE CUBICS[/COLOR] CIRCULARS, :heart: now available in our KnittingHelp Shop!

Just sayin…

Glad you like them! That’ll be a pretty shawl!

I’m not so sure about the Cubics myself. I fou d the end where square beco es round a tad annoying, but it was less so the further I got into the project. Maybe they just take getting used to. They did have a nice join at the cable and needle and the wood is lovely. :thumbsup:

Beauatiful, ethereal shawl and intriguing needles. Thanks for the recommendation.

I adore the pair I got with the combi. However, I read numerous complaints that they easily snap in half etc (on Webs.) This has alas, made me decide not to get a set. :’(

I’ve read that some people also snap the Knit Picks Harmony needles…dpn’s and circs. I think it really depends on a person’s way of gripping the needles, plus what’s being knit.

Some folks probably should definitely stick to metal needles, that’s for sure. :thumbsup:

Here is a tip comparison between two types of Knit Picks, the Cubics and the Signature Needles “Stiletto” tips. All 4 needles are size 5. You can see that as far as “pointiness ranking”…Stilettos are the pointiest, KP’s are next, and Cubics are last. But they are working just fine with my shawl project. Just enough sharpness. No splitting the two strands or catching on the mohair filaments.

I sure do like the Cubics for this pesky shawl pattern. Really saved the day because of the wood, and the square shape that allows a little wiggle room for that “Slip 2 Tog knitwise, K1, P2sso thing.” Twenty eight times across each row. 349 stitches on the needle! Gah! :wall:

I think so, too. I’ve been knitting for 7 years and never snapped any needles even tiny DPN for socks!

Me neither. I’m knitting a sock with size 1 harmony DPNs and no problems so far.

Now I’m paranoid about the Dreamz I got for my birthday. O.o

With the Comby kits we’ve sold, we have had a two customers report a single Cubics needles broken during shipping. The Dreamz needles have always been fine. Given this wholly unscientific sampling, I do believe the Cubics are a bit more fragile. Perhaps it’s the kind of wood or the square shape doesn’t have the same structural integrity. In flexing the 4.5mm Cubics vs the 4mm Dreamz there is no perceivable difference. Perhaps blunt trauma, like the kind inflected upon hapless packages by a careless post carrier is what does them in.

We have changed our packing methods for the Comby’s so hopefully they fair well. And of course, we’re happy to replace any needles broken during transit.

We haven’t had any customers report issues with their full Cubics set. Just the Comby sampler.

I er accidentally kneeled on my cubics and broke it. I’m still sad. I was knitting an alpaca shawl with them and it was enjoyable. I’m NOT a small person so I’m not surprised it broke!

I had placed the wip on our bed and forgot (dd was marathon nursing.) Only remembered when I felt a sickening CRUNCH. :’(

I’ve never broken a needle actually knitting with it.


I sort of tried to snap my lone cubics needle with my hands. It didn’t break. I really miss them. :’(

Hey Sheldon,

If I bought cubics from you guys, and they broke during normal use or I had a wonky cable, would I have to send the needle or cable (s) to you at my expense etc? Just wondering…that’s part of my concern: if I have a problem. …knitter’s pride think doesn’t roll like KnitPicks when it comes to problems.

I mean heck, knitpicks is replacing my ball winder that I bought ages ago (it doesn’t stay attached to tables etc.)

For the people who receive a broken product, or discover an issue within the first 30 days or so, we’re more than happy to right it for them and send a replacement piece ASAP. No need to send back the broken parts.

I’ll have to check with our wholesaler (we don’t deal with anyone at Knitter’s Pride directly) and find out about the longer term warranty policy and procedure. I don’t think Knitter’s Pride handles it, rather the shop where you purchased them from would handle it. Currently we are not stocking parts (except for some cubics and dreamz sizes). But we can always order them.

One thing that is important to us and we’re committed to is good customer service. It’s a real distinguishing feature among businesses these days. So if you bought a kit from us and there were problems or you lost a needle, we’d certainly help you get back to knitting again. If the problem was fell within the warranty, there wouldn’t be a cost. Not sure if you’d have to send back the broken part for warranty coverage. Hopefully not. But I need to check with our wholesaler.

Hope this is useful.



I [U]love[/U] my Cubics and use them quite frequently–not for every project, but there are certain yarns and patterns (as AL pointed out) that just do better with these needles. It really does pay to have a variety of different shapes and types of needles.

Heck, I’ve even worked with yarn that [U]only[/U] flowed well on my Boye metal needles–which I don’t use that often anymore (but now I’m glad I hung on to them).