Artlady A Cat Bordhi question

Thank you once again for the link to those video’s. I have mastered the different steps after a few (million) tries.:teehee:

I thought I had it figured out and was patting myself on the back, when I realized that my stockinette stitch had turned to garter. It wasn’t inside out, and I had no idea why that happened. Actually, I should say started out garter, turned to stockinette and back to garter again? Am I not slipping the yarn the correct way? I get confused unless I really concentrate.

Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Are you doing a mobius? It’s the same as knitting in the round - knit every row for stockinette, but since the work is twisted, half of the stockinette shows the purl side out. Is that what you mean by garter - the purls are showing?

No, it’s suppose to be only stockinette on one side and garter inside, juust like knitting in the round is. Cat makes a point on how it should look.
For what it is worth, I knit in the round on a pr of circs all the time and never had this problem. Of course this is 2 pr and sliding yarn.

Oh, you’re knitting socks, not a mobius. Garter, btw, is alternating rows or rounds of knit and purl. If you’re seeing purls, that’s the back of stockinette, called reverse stockinette. The only thing I can think of is that you picked up the knitting and started knitting the other direction, which would put the purl sts on the outside.

That is what I was thinking. I am looking for a way to do small circular knitting without using dpn’s. Artlady steered me to the Cat Bordhi videos. It’s a lot like magic loop. I’m messing the sliding of the yarn or something. I don’t know. That is the frustrating part! I will frog my swatch and keep trying.
My dd wants this beret that starts at the top and I can’t start that darn beret until I learn how to increase from a small amount of stitches.
I look at the video and understand it. I go to do the knitting and something goes wrong, lol.