Artfull Bras

A very creative and useful cause for breast cancer. Hope you’ll enjoy! Wonder if we couldn’t do something like this with our knitting and crocheting???


OMG! Those are fabulous. My favorite is the “Nursing Bra.” :teehee:

Thanks for posting!

They are fun. Some are funny and some a lovely. I lvoe the buttons bows and boobs bra and i like the sports bra.
Here in the UK are regular ‘Walk/Run for Life’ fun runs organised by the Breast Cancer Research charity. A lot of the participants will elaborately decorate bras and wear them over their t-shirts and running tops to raise extra awareness (and for fun).

I like the buttons and bows and boobs…!

Those are great, now if someone could just make a comfortable one . . .

Yeah, if there was a comfortable bra, I’d sure like to get it! :slight_smile:

Although I’m kind of a chesty gal and have narrow shoulders, so even the wide and padded straps hurt my shoulders.