I wound up having to frog my Irish hiking Scarf and somehow during the process some of the yarn became kntted. I wasn’t able to get the knots out and had to cut it. I would up losing several yards of yarn. Argh!

Frogging it was bad enough but that was just adding insult to injury.

sigh now to start over.

That’s the pits!:pout: Hopefully now since you had done so much it will work back at quick speed.:pray:

that sucks! it was coming along so great! i hope it goes quicker the 2nd time around

That’s the pits… but if you’re like me… you probably couldn’t have lived with the scarf the way it was…

hang in there…


there there. you’ll be glad you did it, even if it was painful.


Will it make ya feel better to know someone had to rip out a baby bootie THREE freaking times before getting it right? :oo: Pretty sure the pattern was screwed up … or something.

Oh no! Why did you have to frog it? Sorry about the knots…we’ve all been there. :shrug:

Yes, we have all had to frog something.

It’s taken me a long time to not mind having to start a project over.

I’m knitting a tank top and have frogged it several times. I really like the yarn I’m using and I just wouldn’t be happy if it wasn’t right.

It gets a bit better each time. Hopefully by now I’ve got the pattern down.

Personally I think a little frogging is good for the soul.


Too bad! Sorry! We’ve all been there! You will be happy you did, even though it is a pain.

:cry: Sorry to hear, Mason. But :hug: hang in there. This time you’ll make it up twice as fast :smiley:

Sorry about the frogging. After doing that on several projects, I’ve become a big believer in “life lines.” I have a pair of socks I’m working on that I have had to frog several times. Thankfully it’s only down to the life line.

Good luck. BTW read your blog and saw you were IA. There’s a great LYS in West Des Moines, not too far off 80/35.

I went over and read your blog; I’ve been to that truck stop a coupla times. The food and the service in the main restaurant’s not so great though… O’Doul’s Amber is pretty good - tastes like real beer.

I did the same thing, drives me mad!

Hi Mason! Been there, done that! :frog: So sorry to hear 'bout the frog pond!

Is your yarn a wool? Synthetic? If wool or wool blend you could still join in the lost yarn by using the ‘spit and splice’ method. It is invisible.

Been there, will probably go there again. I had to do the collar on that dressing gown 3 times! And I had to buy extra yarn because like you I lost loads to knots! I bet it will come out lovely and you’ll be please with the end result.

Well…just think how GOOD you’ll be at the stitch by the time you finish it [SIZE=1](ducking while I hit the enter button):muah:[/SIZE]

Poor thing - it looked so nice! I was working on a sweater last week and has to rip it 3 times before getting it the way I wanted it - it’s a very unpleasant experience.

As we frog, so shall we rewind. :hair:

:frog:[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkgreen] Been their and done that…Sorry[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=#006400]Maybe you should have left it in the rig instead of bring it in the tavern… Just a thought.:shrug:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

I just spent 3 hours on Sunday trying to fix some knots of my Malabrigo and had to end up cutting the yarn since I got nowhere. So what is this ‘split and splice’ method that I should learn about?