I am knitting a teacozy for my tea-mad stepmother for her birthday. I have made the body of the thing, and am doing frills for the edge and it is putting me in SUCH a bad mood :grrr::grrr:
I am using Vera Moda Luxury wool, which is sort of one thread mohair, one thread twigs - well that is what it feels like anyway! The frills are only 6 rows, but at 250 stitches it is taking me ages.

I am starting to hate the teacozy now, and the urge to hurl the half done first frill of a total of four is quite strong.

Just needed to vent :grrr:

Hang in there! You’ll get it done (eventually:eyes:) and be so pleased with yourself!

I have put it to one side for the moment and am ignoring it :gah:
I’ll leave it a while then have another go :zombie:

Step away from the tea cozy and no one will get hurt…:out:

Just be patient and go back to it later, I know your step mom will love it.


My method for getting through loong rows when I only have a few ahead of me is something a long the lines of

Work 100 sts.

Eat a cookie.

Work 100 Sts.

Eat a cookie.

Ok… not the best diet plan… but it helps the knitting go faster :mrgreen:

Seriously though, breaking it up into increments does help it [seem to] go faster. If you don’t have a really pressing deadline you can even space it out with another project and work on it over a few days - just two rows a day would have it done by this weekend!

Good luck!

Are you by any chance making the Tutu Tea Cosy from Knit 2 Together? You are much braver than I am and I bow before your mad. . . I mean greatness.

No, really it’s a cute pattern and I’d make it too, if it weren’t for all those danged ruffles.:teehee:

Seriously, if that is the pattern you are using, it will be so very cute and you will have a very lucky (and hopefully appreciative) step-mom.


Ohhh, good gues! That is indeed the one I am attempting to make!!! I am now wondering what on earth I was thinking about, I haven’t even done an adult jumper yet, so 250 stitches???

My sister bought me the book for my birthday and I just love it! There are some fantastic things in there, and thought that dratted tea cosy an ideal birthday present.

I have stuffed it in my current projects basket for a couple of days, as her birthday isn’t until the end of September. :???: