help! I am sooooo frustrated right now!! I was trying to make a set of wrist warmers for my PT–she has helped me tremendously to recover from a pretty severe injury and I thought since she specializes in arms and hands a set of wrist warmers would be appropriate. Well, I can only knit a few minutes a day right now (that’s a whole set of frustrations in itself!!) and I was almost finished with one of the pair. I got caught up in a movie and made a major boo-boo–reversed my stitches on the ribbing. Really needed to fix it.

BUT my problem is this-- I have yet to learn how to pull out stitches and “catch” them on my needle! I end up pulling out the whole thing, which most of the time would be okay–not great, but okay. But now I won’t be able to finish these with the time contraints I have. And someday I’m going to be making something huge and won’t want to tear up the whole thing.

So what’s the secret?? Obviously knitters can do this–I just don’t know the secret yet. HELP!!
thanks in advance!!

you could pull it out until you’re just above the row the mistake is on and then pull it out very slowly, putting each stith on the needle as it unknit. I think this is what people refer to as Tinking

Sorry about your aggravations!

An easy way to pick up your stitches is to do them one at a time, as you rip the yarn out. So rip out to the row before your mistake, then pick up each stitch as you rip out each wrong stitch.

There are also ways to just fix down a few rows if it was only a few stitches, not the whole row.
The [I]Knitting Tips[/I] page here at knittinghelp has some great videos - just scroll down the page to [B]Fixing Mistakes[/B].

Bigger brains than mine can answer this, but I think you’re talking about un-knitting (or tinking). Just turn your work around and insert your spare needle in the first “bad” stitch, slipping it to the spare needle so that the forward leg of it is to your right and it looks like it’s ready to re-knit (or purl). Continue until you’ve worked your way back to the error and restart. I often have to do this (hence my username). Hope this helps.

Yes, there are tricks for doing this. It is not hard, and would be easy to show you in person. :slight_smile: I think the video is the best bet. I hope it helps you to see what you need to do.

If you are tinking as Tinker suggested, you can take out rows and rows that way, but it is a little slow. I just wanted to add that when you tink you are not sticking your needle into the loop on the needle, but into the middle of the stitch that is immediately below the needle. Video should help here.

Also if you take the work off the needles, there is a right way to put the needle back through the stitches, but a trick I was taught that has helped me is to get them back on the needle any way I can. Then when you begin to knit the first row after you have picked the stitches back up, look at each stitch carefully. If the stitch is on the needle backwards (the front leg of the loop that goes over the needle should be a little ahead of the one in back, like it was walking a 1/2 step behind it), just knit or purl it through the back loop and that will straighten it out. So easy to show you, not so easy via internet.