I just finished blocking my first Fetching and one of the cables is going the wrong way and, of course, it is on the top of the wrist…

Why didn’t I notice it before?! :doh:

I’m giving it to my sister for her birthday anyway. :wall:

Bummer. Do you think she will notice?

I’m sorry…I’m with Pixy, do you think she will notice since she doesn’t know what it’s “supposed” to look like?

Show us a picture I bet its not that bad.

Didn’t you intentionally do it that way because you wanted it to be as unique as she is? (Awwwww…) :wink:

That’s an awfully kind thing to do! :hug:

Here is Fetching with the errant cable. I figure it will be like a puzzle. One day she will look down and find the wrong turn. On the other hand, maybe I will go with the “unique as she is” story!!

You can say it’s so she can tell left from right! :shrug:

Oh Susan, its nice to see someone openly showing an oops. I wouldn’t tell her, the puzzle scenario sounds good to me.

thanks Pixywhispers. If I waited until I had a perfect FO, I would never get anywhere.

I’m going with the “it turned out the way it was supposed to” philosophy.


I know the pattern says that the cables should twist “fetchingly” toward your thumbs, but if you turn your hands over, they’re twisting away from your thumbs…

Don’t sweat it! It looks lovely. I especially like the beading.