Army fatigue

anybody know how to get the army fatigue look?

Stay up really, really late and wear camo. :wink:

haha your funny :smiley:

camo… is that better!?

I can’t think of where or what brand I saw… but isn’t there yarn that is dyed in such a way that sort of “self” camo’s…kinda like how sock yarn stripes…
I’ll let you know if I come across it again…

ok thanks! :thumbsup:

Here ya go…

I got some camouflage yarn at AC Moore - I think it’s made by Red Heart. It doesn’t feel very soft, but I was told it gets softer when you wash it.


Seeee? Just leave it to Wonder Woman KellyK to swoop in on her invisible jet and save the day!!! :cheering:

I hear she made her own wristbands, too!

I hear she made her own wristbands, too![/quote]

and magic laso
Thanks :thumbsup:

and the headband… ooo, the bustier…don’t forget that awesome “god bless america” bustier :inlove:

:frowning: nobody in my town or surrounding areas sell it or online! :crying:

:roflhard: been to long since i have seen wonder woman to remember that!!!

:roflhard: been to long since i have seen wonder woman to remember that!!![/quote]

But Kelly’s didn’t fit. She doesn’t have the boobage of Lynda Carter! :rofling:

When I was little I used to put foil on my wrists to be wonder woman. I have dark hair and wanted blue eyes to look like her.

As the family tells it, I would jump on the table and belt out “Don’t it make my brown eyes blue” at family functions…

obsessed much?

try googling Bernat Camouflage–a couple of sites came up that were not listed on the Bernat site.

OMG I TOTALLY had Wonder Woman Underoos!!! :cheering:

AND, I used to put my long johns on my head and wrap the legs up in a pile on top so that they would FLARE OUT when I spun around! :happydance: (I dont know how that fit in with Wonder Woman, except for the spinning part)

I was COOL when I was 4!!! :sunglasses:

ok i’ll try that!

ya’ll are crazy. my sister was into wonder woman. i just watched cause i couldn’t change the channel cause she was the oldest and got to control the TV :rollseyes: