Armwarmers with Thumbs, Confused!

OK, so I have knit in the round so that the right side is facing inwards and have got to the bit where I need to make the hole for the thumb.

The pattern reads as follows:

patt 15, slip 6 onto stitch holder, patt 9- I did this bit, it’s the next one that is confusing me…

patt 15, cast on 6, patt 9…

So I did patt 15 and cast on 6 but I am confused how am I supposed to patt the last 9?

I will try to illustrate below… My yarn (y) is at the end of the cast on sts (-), which are to the right hand side of the sts I want to knit (x), so how do I get the yarn back to the sts I want to knit (x)?


It’s so confusing I am struggling even to articulate the reason for my confusion!!!

The outside is supposed to face out so you’re knitting on the outside of the tube. It might work fine to make it and flip it back right side out.

After you cast on the 6 you’ll be joining to the other stitches again. If you’re knitting in the round they should be on the other needle…

I’m having trouble picturing it inside out :?? I think it should be the same though.

Did you CO the sts to the left needle or to the R needle? They should be CO to the needle with the working yarn, the right one. That way they bridge the gap over the stitches you bound off and the next stitches on the left needle are the final 9 in the round.

Yes, if you take out your cast on, switch the right and left needles in your hands so the the original RH needle is in your left hand, you can cast on the sts. Then switch the needles back (the cast on sts will be on the RH needle with the working yarn coming off the end of the needle) and you can continue with the pattern.