Armwarmers questions-again

I posted a question the other night about the armwarmer pattern from Stitch and Bitch Nation. I got the knit 3 in front and back and front to work! But now what is happening is the pattern is showing up on the inside of my work! I am working in the round on double pointed needles. Should I be working the pattern from left to right instead of right to left or should I be reversing the knits to purls, etc.? When knitting on DPN should the right side of the work be on the outside or inside? Thanks!

You may have picked up your work and begun knitting the wrong direction. When knitting in the round you start with the yarn on the right hand needle not the left needle like you do with flat knitting.

I think that is what I did! So should the right side of my armwarmers be in the inside of my needles or on the outside? Thanks!

It depends on how you did it. If you picked it up with the yarn on the right needle, but you’re knitting inside out, flip it through the needles and you’re okay. If you picked it up with the yarn on the left needle then you may have to go back to where you started in order to prevent a hole and other strange things going on.

I thought I got it but what I don’t understand is when you knit off of each needle (I have three +working) the working yarn is on the left needle…so how/when would the yarn be on the right needle except for the first round? The pattern is a 2x2 ribbing pattern on the first and third needles and the middle is the “fancy” part so if I keep doing what I am doing I can just turn it inside out when finished but I want understand why this happened. I really appreciate your replies…I’ll get it sooner or later!

No when you join and knit in the round, the working yarn is on the right needle. Always. Because you’re not going back and forth, there’s no end of the row like there is when knitting flat.