Armwarmers/Mesh Bag pattern troubles

I am having troubles understanding two patterns and I was hoping someone here would be able to help me out.

The first one is for a pair of armwarmers. It is a Lion brand pattern called “Cashmere Arm Cosies”.

It says to repeat the firt ten rows once you have finished once until the piece measures 2 in. But, the first time you do this it already comes out two inches anyway. Okay so then it says to countinue in established pattern until the piece measures 15 inches while decreasing 1 st from each side every 6th row. Until I am left with 37 stiches. But, if I do that I would have to repeat 1-10 twelve times. Which would obviously lead to 20 inches in addition to the two I already had.

The second pattern is a mesh bag. here is the pattern:

I am doing the Itsybitsy one. The problem is that it says the you knit into the circular needles at one point. But, then shouldn’t it go by rounds? It countinues to say rows, and obviously that won’t work the same way since a pattern has to be different to work in the round. For the Kitchen Sink one it does this. So at this point “K 2 rows, knitting second row onto circular needle” of the pattern I really do not know what to do.

on the arm warmers- are you getting gauge? It sounds like your gauge is a bit bigger than the pattern calls for. Otherwise you seem to be understanding the directions correctly.

Give me a few minutes to read the other pattern… :slight_smile: But I will say that using circular needles doesn’t automatically mean you’re knitting in the round- you can knit back and forth on circs just like on straights.

For the bag, you will be adding 171 more sts to the 51 you started with, so you’ll need the length of the circ to hold all of them.

On the armwarmers, do you have a link to the pattern? I think there’s a typo in what you wrote, so I’m not sure how to advise you. Are you saying that 10 rows is giving you 2"? If so, you may be using a needle larger than the pattern.

Armwarmers: I am using the indicated needles. The gauge is around there. I’m not quite sure, but I do not think that makes too much difference at least in what I’m referring too.

The pattern is under Wristlets/Legwarnmers here:;jsessionid=GOJ1AJHIB4LHMP4SY5LVAFR50LD3UUPU?CATID=cat3593 for some reason I cannot get it to the direct link.

The line in question is this:
Rep Rows 1-10 until piece measures 2 in. [5 cm] from beg. Continue in established pattern and, at the same time, dec 1 st at each side every 6th row 12 times – 37 sts. Work even until piece measures 15½ in. [39.5 cm] from beg, end with a WS row.

Bag: So I just use the circular as a straight needle?

OK, I read the bag pattern- yeah, you are just using the circ as a straight needle. At the point where you switch to the circ, it’s because you’re casting on 171 more stitches to knit the strap, then cast binding them off when you finish the strap. It’s a bit confusing because the itty bitty instructions are interspersed with the kitchen sink instructions… but if you scroll down and read the finishing instructions (after the kitchen sink instructions) then it will make a little more sense.

Back to the armwarmers- using the same needles doesn’t guarantee the same gauge- you could be knitting looser or tighter, or your yarn could be different if you’re using different yarn. However, if you like the fit of the arm warmers the way they’re coming out, then it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t match the instructions exactly. :slight_smile: They’re personalized!

You may be getting more rows per inch than the original pattern, I agree, it may not make a difference. Knit for 2" then start the decs which you may need to do every 4th row so you don’t get to 15" before you have 37 sts left. How many sts do you start with? I couldn’t figure out which pattern, a name would help…

suzee, here’s the pattern:

Okay, just work in the rib/cable pattern until it’s 2 inches long, then decrease for the length, whether every 6th or 4th row (or you could alternate and dec on the 4th row, then on the 6th row, the 4th, the 6th, etc) until you have 37 sts. Try on as you go, you may need to adjust.