Armwarmer thingy rant of doom!

Okay… So I’m a fairly new knitter- the story goes kinda like this.
I was in highschool and my mom wanted to teach me to knit- here’s the botch; she died a few months ago, leaving me only aware of the garter stitch.
So I inherited all this beautiful silk and cashmere yarn (I love the stuff, so soft. Haven’t knitted with it yet) and I’ve been doing my best to figure out how to knit on my own. I’ve got the purl down, I’ve got the knit down, and I’m slowly learning new things. But I keep running into this issue of not being able to find an actual [B]Friendly[/B] knitting store- I don’t want to pay thirty five dollars for a fifteen minute private lesson so I can ask ONE question! First of all, that’s a hank’s worth of silk yarn! With tax! Second, what happened to just being a nice, supportive person?!
My project in effort to leave the realm of scarves was a pair of (supposedly) simple armwarmers. But they’re cast on DPN’s. And apparentally she wrote in some cabling that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me either. Now I’ve got too many stitches on my fifth round and I don’t know how to join on my DPNs because someone else did it for me when I wasn’t nearby (I had an out-of-town aunt in for a day, and she loves to help people with their projects. Not them, just their projects) So I have to say I’m really, really frustrated, because now if I try to unravel it, I won’t be able to try again until I can figure out the DPN joining. ARGH!

Take a deep breath, put down the knitting and watch some videos. there are so many wonderful people on here you don’t even have to pay to get advice from, just thank when you’ve got it. It’ll work out!

Speaking of- where are you? maybe one of the group is near you?

check out the videos on this page and keep asking questions. everyone here loves to help

It gets easier, trust me. I was kind of in the same position and the people here are great! If you want, here’s an easier wrist warmer pattern… This pattern looks more difficult than it is because they’re knit flat then seamed.

And don’t forget…if you ever have a question just ask!

This may sound dumb, but if you are looking for some actual human knitters to talk to, then check your local library and/or continuing education programs and see if they offer any knit-along or knitting classes.

Or you can ask if your LYS has an open knit night, if they don’t ask them if they know of any. I’m really surprised they would charge $35 to basically ask a question, seems out of the usual MO for LYS. Usually the staffers are super friendly.

I hope things look up… but just so you know, I’ve never taken a class just used the videos on here, so you can do it!

Welcome to the site! I’m so sorry to hear about your mother. :hug: Everyone here is very helpful and Amy’s videos are just awesome. We’ve all started where you are at one point and it will definitely get easier.

As has been stated, there’s so much info on here, you’ll probably find an answer to almost every question you have!

I learned how to knit by reading the Stitch N Bitch book and watching Amy’s videos here…And I mean that literally…When I was learning, I knew no one who knitted and the only way for me to learn (without paying for a class…lol…) was to read and watch online videos.

Just hang in there, it will all click!

So sorry to hear about your mom hugs

I’m actually located in Stillwater, OK in the US. It’s a college town, and there’s no local yarn shop here. I keep hoping someone might open one…

See that’s the thing- there isn’t a local yarn shop in Stillwater. The yarn sections in Hobby Lobby and Wal Mart are being shut down this year, and if I want nice yarn I have to drive an hour or an hour and a half to get to it (Guthrie or OKC). The ladies at the one in Oklahoma City were very helpful until the owner came out of her office, at which point she informed me I should take a class if I wanted to learn how to do it. But I don’t want to make the project for the class, and I don’t want to pay thirty five dollars per fifteen minute private lesson. It seems like a lot to pay for one question… Thanks for all the support from you guys. I’ve found a few videos on knitting in the round that should help!

I made a video on You Tube for joining in the round. Maybe it will help.


sounds like the owner of that LYS really doesn’t get it. it seems to me, if you HELP your customer become a better knitter, he/she will need more supplies and turn to the friendly LYS that helped in the first place! duh!!!

keep on asking questions. SOMEONE here will have an answer. and go through amy’s videos. it’s like having someone sit beside you and coach you in your ear.

They turned out so pretty! Thank you so much! I just finished the first one last night!

You can learn just about anything you need to know about knitting RIGHT HERE!!! Amy’'s videos are an invaluable resource. You might even want to buy her DVD so you can watch them when you aren’t “internet accessible”.

I’ve learned everything I know about knitting from internet tutorials and books. There are a ton of really good “beginer books”. You don’t need to “pay” someone to teach you.

Many LYS’ have group classes that are much cheaper than private, you can learn alot there as well.

Good LUCK!

I feel your frustration about the lack of help sometimes! I ended taking a new knitters class through my local Adult Education school, have you checked there? If they do have a class, you might want to take it and get more help

I just tried (great site for finding local yarn stores ((lys)) in whatever area you are in) but for some reason it is down right now. I did find this one

and they do list a few stores, not sure if they are close to you though?

Good luck and until you are able to ask a person for the help you need, take full advantage of all the videos here on this site! And ask away here too!

I’m in the OKC area if you ever need some in-person help again.

Check in your Local Lybrary for a crafts section, and knitting books. Smuggle in a coffee and sit and knit forever in the comfy couches. I like Marans Illustrated Knitting and Crochetting (I do not use the crochetting part anymore)
it has a full page for every stitch and technique
also, learn to use one long circ needle instead of DPNs, in the end its less expensive and you don’t keep loosing your working needle:teehee:
Joining can still be a bit difficult, but yarn will find a way. and once you ‘get it’ you GOT IT!!


You could move up here to maine where we have VERY friendly LYS people, at [U]Unique 1[/U] in Camden, or [U]Heavenly Socks[/U] in Belfast
besides we have weather you can WEAR knitted things more often :mrgreen:

I will stop and be better behaved now