Armholes Bind off Need Help with Katia Pattern

I thought to try my first sweater and choosed a pattern from Katia Bebe 52 book/Model 18. I guess Katia patterns maybe not the best way to start for a frist sweater but wanted something with that yarn since I have many yarns of this.

“[I]When work measures XXX length….bind off (cast off) at both edges, at the beginning of each row: [U]1 time 4 st.[/U][/I]”

After that I am supposed to decrease 8 sts. So what does [U]1 time 4 st.[/U] means?

Am i supposed to bind off 4 sts. on 1st row and another 4 on second or

4 sts. 1st row and 1 st. on next 4 rows?

I already contacted Katia for explanation but didn’t get a reply yet so if anyone can explain me this I would appreciate it.

Bimd off 4sts at the beginning of the first row and then 4 sts at the beginning of the second row. That’ll give you the symmetrical bind off for the beginning of the armholes.
Good luck with your sweater!

Thank you,

My logic said that I should do this but since I never done this before I wasn’t really sure…

Thank you so much!!! Have a nice day :muah: