Armholes and neckline on circular needles?

I’m up to that part in my pattern, where you dec for armholes and bind off for the neck. I’m on circular needles. Is it time to move off to straight needles? I can’t picture in my mind how I do this part on circs. :?

Any voices of experience (or opinions) out there?



I can’t think of a reason to switch needles. I recently finished the front part of my sweater. I used circular needles throughout the entire armhole, neck, and shoulder shaping.

I’m confused about why you think you need to switch… :?: Are you knitting the sweater in the round?? Or are you knitting it flat? I’ve never knit a sweater in the round, so I can’t speak to it. But I can’t see a reason to switch for flat… :?

I’m knitting in the round :frowning: :?:

Well, if you have several different balls of yarn, you can just attach one for the other side and keep going circular, just dropping one ball of yarn and picking up the other when you get to the other side. Make sense?