Armhole Theory

I’m knitting the hourglass sweater from last minute knitted gifts. As some of you know, it’s a simple bottom up raglan. I knit the sleeves already so far in the smallest size - because those are the ones that fit my arms. Between the width of my shoulders and my chest however, it became clear that I would be better off knitting the next size up (the 37) for the body.

I think that I know :teehee: that something might go wrong around the armhole area. The reason I think this is so, is because I can see that creating the yoke involves sort of joining the sleeves to the needle holding the body, and then attaching them to eachother - and there are fewer stitches to accomplish that with on the smaller size sleeves than there are on the medium sized sleeves - and vice versa.

So what would I do here? Do I even have my finger on the point of the possible problem?

I’m inclined to just cast on some extra stitches under the arm, but if I’m not mistaken there’s a difference of about 20 or stitches that are used to join the sleeves to the body and I worry that there’s some problem lurking of which I’m not aware.

Help… :oops:

You can join them with the stitch numbers you have; I think if you added extra stitches to the arms, you’d end up with something looking a bit odd. You could decrease less times on the raglan sleeve shaping while doing the correct number of decreases for the front and back. Several people have been unhappy at the low, wide neckline in general and have done more decrease rows to raise and narrow it. You could do the same, but do the decreases on the front and back only and leave the sleeve portions at the same number, or again, only decrease every other round or something. This might be something you need to figure out as you go along, trying it on to check the fit.



That makes perfect sense Suz. I was worried about what to do at the neckline, because I knew I wanted to decrease a few rows more with the neckline issues - but I didn’t know how it would all come together.

Thanks for the help. :heart: