Armhole shaping?

I’m making this patternfor my husband and I’m a bit confused. It says, “[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Mark beg and end of last row for beg of armholes. Work even following pattern until armholes measure 9(9 1/2-10 1/4-10 3/4-11 1/2)” for men’s, end on WS. [COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Bind off all sts. Measure in 5(6-7-8-9)” from each side of bound-off edge and mark for back neck.[/FONT][/COLOR]”[/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Is there no armhole shaping? No decreases? No bindoffs? Nothing? I’ve made set-in sleeves before and there was always shaping! Am I missing something?:??[/FONT][/COLOR]

It sounds like a drop shoulder sweater, not set in sleeves. The shoulders on the sleeves will be straight too; no shoulder cap to fit - yay!

If you look at the schematic drawing, link on page upper right, it will show you finished dimensions, shape of each piece and garment.
Very useful tool to have.

Thank you both SO MUCH for your help. :cheering: The schematic made it perfectly clear. Don’t know why I didn’t see that before!

Obviously, I’ve never done a dropped shoulder before. Leave it to me to do the hard kind first!

So is it best to still leave the shoulder stitches live to do kitchner stitch to graft?

Sure that would work fine.

Dropped shoulders are my fav!

You make the “markings”…so that you know where to place each end of the sleeve edges (after the shoulder seams are done…and you are ready to seam the sleeves to the front/back edges.)

Can I knit the sleeves in the round or must I knit them flat and then sew them on?

My best advice: follow the pattern directions to the “T”.

Some patterns vary.

Some ask you to seam the shoulders and sides of the sweater…then seam the sleeve into the “hole”. (My least favorite method)

Some ask you to seam the shoulders, then seam the sleeve onto the armhole edges…then seam [I]up the side[/I] /turn the corner/and seam [I]down the sleeve[/I]…in one continuous seaming. (My favorite method)

I never knit sleeves “in the round” on my own initiative just to avoid sleeve seaming.

But, ContiKnitter here at KH is brilliant at improvising his way around seaming anything by knitting in the round.

Ask him for his advice on that matter.

I am usually just a follower. I follow the pattern directions for the most part…and things turn out good.

I’ve adapted sleeves to knit in the round for set in. Are Dropped sleeves THAT different?

[B][SIZE=6][COLOR=blue]YUP! [/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

You’ve never steered me wrong in the past, Artlady, so I’ll take your advice. I’ll probably end up knitting both sleeves at once to stay consistent. Thanks again for your help!

I think you could knit the sleeves in the round. You could sew up the side seams to the underarm and then pick up the stitches you need to do the sleeve starting at the underarm, around to meet yourself, and join and knit the sleeve down. There may be a couple of adjustments you need to do for the pattern stitches to knit them in the round, but if you are sharp enough to figure that out you could do it. I like doing sleeves that way. Instead of decreasing at the end of the rows it tells you to decrease on you could K2tog at the beginning of a round and do a SSK at the end of the round for the decreases. Gansey sweaters are traditionally knit that way. Maybe you could find something about Gansey sweaters that would be helpful.

The way they tell you to do it is not hard either.

That’s how I’ve done set-in sleeves and it WAS easy! It’s funny how I find a way I like to do something and want to do it for EVERYTHING. I know it doesn’t always work, but it’s nice to know it probably COULD!

Now I’m wondering if I could do both sleeves at once that way–you know like you do two socks at once with magic loop?:??

I’m such a sucker for trying it MY way…I’m also working on a baby sweater right now that I’ve frogged half of FOUR TIMES because I want it different than the pattern.:wall:
I’m learning, though!

On the pattern page, click on the word ‘Schematic’ and you will see that the pattern is a drop shoulder type.
Really nice sweater, BTW. What colour/yarn are you using?

I’m using
Peru Luxury DK - Beige with a hint of Khaki (Color #10)
and it’s knitting up beautifully.

I did frog about 8" last night b/c I didn’t like the stockinette section. It was wider than the rest. I think I’ll just do more granite stitch instead. Unfortunately, I didn’t decide this until I had already knit another 6".:wall: