Armhole Shaping

Hi everyone, I am basically teaching myself to knit and have the basics down so decided to knit a sweater vest. Got to the armhole shaping and it says to RS: K17 sts. Place rem back sts as well as left front panel sts on stitch holders which I have done. Turn work and bind off 2 sts (I am confused at this point about turning my work) and purl to the end (can do that) but then it says to bind off 1 st at arm edge 1 more time??? that is totally throwing me because I should be on the front of the vest…help???

It’s sounds like you have this all well in hand. Yes, K17 and place the remaining sts on holders, then turn as you would at the end of a row. You’re now on the WS row, bind off 2sts (the neck edge) and purl across to the armhole edge. Turn again to the RS, the front of the vest facing you and bind off one stitch. You’re essentially shaping the armhole at this point.

When you say neck edge what do you mean? The vest front?

When I knit the 17 I am at the arm hole edge…did I do something wrong?

Yes, the front or the edge that will be next to the neck as opposed to the armhole edge.

Ok I tried that but pulled it out because it didn’t look like the picture end result…I will try again…thank you so much

Can you give us a pattern link or pattern name?

Lisa Ellis Designs LEDAS-16

Ah, you’re right. So you would knit across the 17sts, place the remaining sts on holders, turn to the purl side, bind off 2sts and purl across the row to the front edge. Turn again and knit back across to the armhole edge. On the next row, the purl row again, bind off one stitch and continue across the row.
Boy, was I confused! Thanks for helping me out.

Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!