Armhole Question

I am new to this website and need some help with an armhole for a sleeping cover for a 30 cm doll. The original pattern is in French. I am not sure if I got the English translation right.
I have 46 stitches on the knitting needle. Then I get to the following instruction:

For the armholes: divide on each side, every 2 rows: 3 times 2 decreases then 2 fs 1 decrease
We get 30 stitches.

The French version is: Pour les emmanchures : faire de chaque côté, tous les 2 rangs : 3 fois 2 diminutions puis 2 fois 1 diminution.
On obtient 19 mailles.

I can’t figure out how to get from 46 stitches to 30 stitches. I first thought the instructions meant to bind off 2 stitches on the even row number for 6 rows and then decrease 1 stitch for the next two even row numbers but my calculations does not get to 30 stitches. Can somebody please explain how to do this.


Wwelcome to KH!

Good for you for doing your own translation.

You need 16sts decreased total.
If you begin the decreases on the next row, call it row 1, then you would dec 2sts each side on rows 1,3,5 (12sts decreased) and then dec one stitch each side on rows 7 and 9 (4sts dec).

Thanks. That works.